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The movie industry is a machine when it comes to the production of new films. But not all of them come with that certain dose of quality that makes them stick around. On the other hand, you have certain movie titles that are spectacular because of the way they’re directed, the way they deliver a story, and the crew behind them. Here are a few such films you can watch:

The Ocean’s Trilogy

These are heist and casino films when it comes to genres. The main man in this franchise is Ocean and he gets a crew of a few men to complete a heist. The first and third movies of this franchise are casino heists and the cast does a marvelous job with all of them.

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The cast is made up of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and many other Hollywood stars. It’s a great franchise if you’re into heist films.

The Star Wars Franchise

Sci-fi films are great to watch because they show you a potential future and the thing we’d have to deal with if we do things a certain way. The Star Wars franchise is one of the few spectacular ones that take us to a place where humans and aliens coexist. You have the Jedi as the peacekeepers of the universe and there’s a multi-planetary system called the Republic. But there are independent systems and those that don’t share the code of the Jedi.

You’ve got lots of movies in this genre and you’ll get to see how the democracy of the Republic crumbles to turn into an Empire, you’ll see the classic battle of good versus evil and you’ll meet lots of interesting characters. Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin, Palpatine, and Count Dooku are only some of them. It’s got great visual effects and it’s a spectacular franchise for any movie fan.

Forrest Gump

Aside from heist films and sci-fi franchises, you can enter the broad genre of drama with Forrest Gump. If you’re up for a good story then you’re in for a treat. The movie reveals the name of the main character who is a boy with a low IQ and how he makes his way into the world. The one thing he’s good at is running and it helped him have a successful football career and saved his life and the lives of others in the Vietnam War.

He also has an on and off relationship with his childhood friend Jenny that always seems to get into trouble. It’s a story that’s happy at times and sad sometimes, but it’s a great story nonetheless. Forrest Gump is another spectacular film that any movie fan would enjoy.

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