Spotify Playlist Placement – What Results Should Musicians Expect

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The music streaming service, Spotify, offers sought-after exposure to artists’ music. The platform makes your songs available to a broader audience. Spotify users can easily listen to your uploaded tracks when they desire to do so and even save songs they enjoyed. However, getting featured on Spotify playlists allows users to discover your music.

Submission of your latest release to the platform’s playlist curators at least a fortnight before the release date guarantees a placement. Besides, fans’ streaming behavior and engagement can feature your music on algorithm-generated playlists. Artists pitch their songs to get playlist curators to promote their music. In addition, they expect the following results from Spotify playlist placements.

Popularity games 

Artists expect their music to get discovered by thousands and millions of people when Spotify playlists feature their tracks. However, the exposure your songs will receive depends on the playlist. Top Spotify playlists have large followings. Getting placements on them guarantee massive engagement on your featured track. The first three songs on such playlists are usually appealing to the audience.

Such tracks will please them and prompt them to play other featured music. If your song has excellent original content, it will likely attract your audience. Consequently, the track will receive more streams and shares. The listeners’ interaction with your content can get the song more placements on Spotify algorithm-generated playlists. As a result, the music gains more exposure.

Increased amount of listeners

Followers are essential to a successful music promotion campaign on Spotify. If you actively engage your followers, they will play your music. Your followers are likely to anticipate your new releases and help spread them when the tracks finally make it to the platform. However, you will expect to gain more listeners when your music gets featured on Spotify playlists.

Placements on the platform’s playlists can boost your monthly listeners. Unfortunately, there are playlists with many followers that aren’t active listeners. Your track featured on such a playlist won’t gain more listeners as expected. Also, there are playlists with a small and loyal following. They will actively engage your music and boost your monthly listeners.

Improved Streams

Spotify playlists can drive streams and fan engagement to featured music. Placements on popular playlists with a large and active following will boost the streams of your featured music. However, the position of your track on a playlist may affect the resulting streams. The first song on the list will likely have more streams down those below it.

Royalty earnings – the aim for each musician

In addition to driving more streams, artists expect more money from tracks placed on Spotify playlists. The plays of your songs only give an impression of how much you will earn from playlist placement. Many artists claim to have received less the Spotify’s specified rate paid per stream. However, various factors determine the money the streams will generate.

They include the territory where streaming occurred, the number of copyright holders, and ownership of published content and its sound recording. Whether the streams are subscription-based or ad-supported can also affect the earnings. However, you can use streaming-royalty calculators available online to perform some rough calculations on your payments.

Placements on Spotify playlists can be rewarding. Before pitching your music to independent curators, assess their playlists to determine the valuable ones. Not all Spotify user-generated playlists are worth getting your music featured on them.

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