The expenses of using an online casino that many Canadians don’t take into consideration

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People who like the thrill of online casinos in places like Canada can test at least a few interesting operators. Albeit not all of them are that interesting, some sites can give clients way more options, which is why they start using these brands right away.

Although most casinos may look the same, Captain Cooks casino has quickly gained popularity among Canadian online gamblers due to its distinct look and promotions. Many people appreciate it and decide to give the brand a chance but they need to remember that there are several key factors to consider before using a casino.

Aside from all the safety issues and other important things, there are also hidden costs to using an online casino. A lot of people do not realize this until they start playing, which means they lose a lot of money. Since you’re reading this, you do not want to be one of those punters, so let’s learn more about them.

Registration costs

We want to start by saying that all top-tier gambling brands that operate in the Canadian markets will allow people to create an account free of charge. Sadly, there are sites that haven’t updated this rule yet, meaning that some people will have to pay an additional fee just for registering with the specific platform.

There is usually a flat fee for using a site that starts from $5, but there are situations where it can get much larger. Usually, the brand that has imposed this rule will give the money back to users after they make their initial transaction. However, there might be cases where this will not happen, so people need to be careful.

Withdrawal fees

There are different kinds of fees that Canadians have to pay when they start using a gambling site, and one of them is related to the withdrawals they make. Although some of the best sites in the country no longer impose such fees, others will require people to pay something when withdrawing their winnings.

The bad news is that most of the casinos in Canada have withdrawal fees that are percentage-based. Consequently, those who pull out more money will have to pay more in fees.

Some gamblers may have to pay to download the casino’s app

Online casinos invest tons of money into mobile betting applications because they allow Canadians to gamble wherever they go. Many of the premier sites in the North American state will not require clients to pay anything to download them on iOS or Android. Sadly, some sites have a small fee that they require so that they can keep that app running.

Regardless if you decide to pay for a specific gambling app on your device, you won’t get anything special for it. In other words, paying to download an app on your device won’t grant you additional games or special bonuses. Instead, you should be able to use the same things that are available on your desktop platform.

Bank fees

The last kind of fee that many Canadian players have to worry about is not directly related to the online bookmaker. That said, those who use bank transfers will probably need to pay a fee every time they make a transaction, even if they’re not using their bank account directly.

Some casinos in Canada have special payment solutions that let people make transactions using their bank accounts and a third-party service. The idea here is to keep their banking details safe. Sadly, even this will require people to pay the fees to their bank, and they can reach pretty big numbers.

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