The Future Of Medical Devices In New Jersey

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It’s hard to miss New Jersey when it comes to medical technology. A consistent placer in the US top 10 med tech states, it’s regarded as the ‘Medical Chest of the World’ for good reasons.

One, it’s home to more than 300 medical device companies. Startups and medical device giants produce quality diagnostic products such as MRIs, ultrasound equipment, ECGs, and endoscopic instruments. 11 out of the 20 leading device developers that call it home also manufacture therapeutic devices, including irradiation apparatuses, diabetes equipment, and various patient monitoring devices.

Two, New Jersey boasts of a highly competent workforce. Thanks to top medical schools, teaching hospitals, and world-class research facilities, it has produced the greatest number of scientists per square mile compared to anywhere in the world. They all work to design, develop, and distribute medical devices that make an impact on the lives of countless consumers.

Three, New Jersey faces a consistent demand for medical devices from its aging population. New Jersey’s older population is at 16.6%, and demand has further increased due to in-home care caused by the Covid pandemic.

If you’re a medical entrepreneur, choosing New Jersey as your operation base can be an attractive option. Having access to top talent and a wide consumer base are great advantages. But with the ongoing pandemic and stiff competition, you might wonder, is there a bright future ahead for medical devices in New Jersey?

Bleak Or Bright? The Future Of New Jersey Medical Devices

There’s no denying that the Covid pandemic disrupted supply chains for all businesses. The medical device industry is no exception, as companies had to comply with stay-at-home orders for the first few months of the pandemic. Some even struggled to shift to remote work or had to resolve to hybrid work arrangements.

But with the ongoing vaccination, manufacturers are on the rebound in New Jersey. The outlook for the medical device industry in New Jersey and globally looks promising as experts forecast annual growth of 5% until 2030.

Trends In Medical Device Design, Development, And Distribution 

So, what’s in store for medical devices after the pandemic? Here are some key trends in the medical device development process in New Jersey and beyond.

  • Rapid Deployment Of Medical Devices 

Medical device companies need to prepare for the surging demand for in-home and clinical-grade equipment. As restrictions ease, hospitals will not only cater to Covid-related illness but also push through elective surgeries and other procedures.

To keep up with the anticipated demand, startups and even established companies can contact RBC Medical, the best medical device design and development company to handle part or even the entire manufacturing process.

Medical device outsourcing benefits your company by ensuring the rapid manufacturing of quality products. What’s more, they also ensure that equipment is compliant with industry standards.

  • Explore Wearable Technology

Medical equipment is no longer restricted to hospital rooms or bedside equipment. As patient care moves from hospitals to homes, wearables make convenient choices for individuals. Wearables are most useful as patient monitoring devices as they allow healthcare providers to assess patient conditions when in-person contact is limited.

As more and more patients desire to take control of their health, they want devices that are both portable and discreet. They want medical equipment they can use at home and still find comfortable to wear in public.

  • User-Friendly Medical Equipment

User experience is what drives medical device innovation. In New Jersey, medical device manufacturing goes hand in hand with research and development. Designers utilize user feedback to improve their design and ensure that devices are useful to intended consumers. Medical device usage is not only confined to health professionals who use diagnostic tools but must consider the patient’s needs and challenges especially when they receive in-home care services.

Medical device design and development companies prioritize the patients’ needs in designing the devices to ensure the development of user-friendly devices. For example, those specializing in medical devices for older populations need to understand the challenges of navigating high-tech devices when mobility or cognition changes with age. Vision, hearing, memory, and even dexterity decline as people age, so it’s best for device designers to consider these during the design phase. Anticipating these changes ensures a simple yet functional device for individuals and their caregivers as well.

  • Intelligent And Connected Devices 

Medical devices are not only user-centric, but they are highly intuitive as well. Soon, expect wellness and even preventive medical devices to leverage advanced technologies. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will allow more accurate health monitoring across different devices.

Aside from intelligent and interconnected devices, future trends also point towards greater device and data security. As medical devices collect personal health information from various sources, it will be imperative to secure all information from probable threats. Manufacturers in New Jersey and even around the world should take advantage of these technologies not just to streamline device design but ensure secure performance in hospital and home settings.

Final thoughts

In sum, New Jersey offers an ideal business environment for medical device development. Although the pandemic has disrupted supply chains, medical device design and manufacture are now in full swing to meet rising demands from aging populations and patient demands for personalized care. The future of medical devices in New Jersey is replete with opportunities for growth through medical outsourcing and the design of smart and connected medical equipment.

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