The Most Famous Arcades in New Jersey

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Many refer to New Jersey as the “Las Vegas” of the East Coast, thanks to its bustling nightlife, array of casinos, and, depending on where you are, its party atmosphere. However, if you and your family are more into arcades, you have to visit many spots when you are in the Garden State.

The Funplex

The Funplex is one of the most well-known New Jersey arcades. Both locations have over 100 different forms of entertainment, ranging from classics like pinball and crane machines to virtual reality games and experiences. 

The teams at both locations also meet regularly to discuss which games are popular and which aren’t and rotate them appropriately. This means the experience is constantly changing, and you will always be able to find a game to enjoy. 

Game Vault 

For anyone who spent their childhood trying to master a favorite pinball or arcade game, Game Vault is the place to relive your childhood gaming glory days. The arcade is packed with classics such as 1973’s Amigo and Gun Fight from 1975. 

What sets Game Vault apart from regular arcades is that you don’t pay to play, as all the games are set to Free Mode, but instead, you pay for time slots ranging from 30 minutes to five hours. 


Jenkinson’s is famous amongst Jerseyites and anyone who watched Jersey Shore. The Shore may be perfect for Summer, but Jenks aims to be a year-round destination, with three of its four arcades open from January to December. 

Jenkinson prides itself on having something for everyone, as it offers pinball, arcade games, skeeball, basketball, and everything in between. Not to mention the fact that the atmosphere of the boardwalk makes the entire experience that much more fun. 

iPlay America 

iPlay America is one of the biggest arcades in New Jersey. The nearly four acres of gaming space is home to over 250 different arcade games, indoor rides, go-karting, laser tag, and more. 

iPlay also has a wide variety of ticket-redemption games, and they most certainly don’t slack when it comes to the prizes you can win. You can purchase game cards with a finite amount of credit or a limitless game pass that gives you four hours of fun. 

Lucky Snake

You can’t visit New Jersey and not make a stop at Lucky Snake Arcade in Atlantic City. Not only is it the perfect spot to take the kids, but Lucky Snake also has a sports bar offering a brilliant time for adults who want to unwind for a few hours. 

When talking about Lucky Snake, it is easier to list what they don’t have instead of what they do have, as they tick almost every box. From arcade games to go-karting, delicious food, and multiple party options, one visit isn’t enough to enjoy everything it offers. 

Silverball Museum Arcade

Regarded as a shrine to classic pinball machines, the Silverball Museum Arcade is a must-visit for any pinball enthusiasts. With over 600 games in constant rotation, it is almost impossible not to find a game you will love. 

If you are more of a retro fan, fear not, Silverball is also home to several classic consoles and games, such as Tetris for the Atari, Donkey Kong on the Nintendo, and lesser-known titles such as Centaur by Bally. 

Rack ‘N Roll Family Fun Center

On the surface, Rack ‘N Roll may look like somewhere just for kids, but don’t be fooled; that doesn’t mean it isn’t great for adults. It may not be one of the largest arcades, but its cozy and fun atmosphere makes it a spot you will want to go back to again and again. 

Rack ‘N Roll also has a playground, billiards hall, delicious food, and all the facilities you need to have an enjoyable and memorable party. 

River City Gaming 

Another arcade that you may miss if you don’t know where to look is River City Gaming. Designed to be a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs, River City has arcade games, basketball, PCs, console gaming, rhythm games, and karaoke. 

There is also a wide variety of entry options and different rooms that can be hired for parties or private events. They also offer a unique game called 60 Minute Suspect, a murder/mystery adventure that can be played with up to 20 people. 

Go Play Arcade

Finally, Go Play Arcade is a top-rated destination in Belmar. Famed for its enormous collection of vintage and modern games, Go Play offers all the fun and excitement you want in a family-friendly atmosphere. 

Whether you want to play classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders or are into more modern FPS or racing titles, Go Play has it all, far more than you might expect. 

Game On!

As you can see, New Jersey is a must-visit destination for gaming and arcade lovers alike. Even if you want to spend a few hours having fun or attempt to win a prize, you can’t go wrong visiting one of these incredible arcades.

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