The Ultimate Guide of Buying a DVC Club Membership in Today’s Market

by Staff

The good news is that the travel industry is recovering well after the pandemic, with a bumper year expected in 2024. The bad news is that hotel prices seem to be on a similar trajectory.

So, if you’re itching for a vacation, now might be the best time to buy DVC points. A Disney Vacation Club membership might be an expensive upfront investment, but it does deliver substantial cost savings over time.

Read our Disney Vacation Club tips on how to buy DVC points to see if this is a good option for you.

How Does DVC Membership Work?

DVC is a timeshare exchange organization. This means you needn’t visit the same resort every year, but you may use your points to vacation at any similarly-ranked resort in the club’s portfolio.

To become a member of DVC, you must first choose your home resort. This forms the basis of your membership and gives you priority bookings at this resort.

Your home resort also determines how much you’ll pay for your base points as well as your annual dues, which go toward the upkeep of your home resort.

You can’t book a vacation unless your annual dues and loan payments are up to date.

Always consult a current points chart to determine how many points you need to vacation at your desired destinations and plan your initial purchase accordingly. 

Where to Buy a Disney Vacation Club Membership

The most obvious choice when buying a DVC membership is direct from the developer. This involves spending a minimum of $15,000 on your vacation investment.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy points from a reputable reseller. This can reduce your DVC membership cost by as much as 50%. 

There are two ways to approach this DVC buying process, and you can also opt for a trade-in deal with resellers. You won’t enjoy as wide a range of choices when you go this route, but you’ll still enjoy most DVC membership benefits.

Some DVC benefits are available only to those who buy points directly from Disney Vacation Club. These are:

  • Access to all Disney resorts
  • Access to special expeditions
  • Theme park ticket discounts
  • Access to member events and cruises
  • Discounted dining and shopping
  • Hotel exchanges

To get around this, some members opt to buy the minimum number of points directly from DVC and then top up with points from a reseller. If these perks aren’t worth the extra expense for you, buying from a reseller might be the best option for you.

Another thing to consider is that you may vacation immediately when you buy your points directly from DVC. When you buy from a reseller, you must wait until the sale is concluded, which can take up to 12 weeks.

Planning Your Next Vacation

Disney Vacation Club membership offers excellent benefits for those who love consistent, high-quality vacations. For those on a budget, timeshare resales are a more affordable way to enjoy most of these perks.

If you’d prefer to avoid the long-term commitment of buying a timeshare, browse our blog for more vacation ideas, bookmark our page, and check back regularly for top travel tips.

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