Tips for Choosing the Ideal Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

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Congratulations on finding true love! Now all that is left is to find the perfect engagement ring for your needs. 

A vintage engagement ring is one you do not want to ignore. These rings carry with them a breath of heart-felt love and a one-of-a-kind romance. And are super feminine, so your fiancee will enjoy wearing her piece. 

Finding the perfect ring does not have to be that complicated. In this guide, we look at a few tips when choosing the ideal vintage diamond engagement ring.

  • Do your research

Before embarking on a journey to finding the perfect vintage diamond engagement ring, you need to do thorough research. And educate yourself on the type of rings out there. Learn about the varying metal options, the diamond 4C’s (Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity), cuts, clarity enhancement, and so on.

That will help narrow down your search. And settle for a memorable piece that will linger on your partner’s heart forever.

  • Find the ideal fit

When choosing a vintage diamond engagement ring, you need to think about finding the perfect fit for your loved one. The ring should fit securely and comfortably, and that means that you should buy the ring in the correct size or have it adjusted as soon as possible. 

You can consider using the online measuring tool to get an idea of the ring size you intend to buy using an existing one. Also, check the online store’s resizing policy so to ensure that you make the best decision.

  • Style

Another factor to look out for is your fiancée’s style. Is her day-to-day style vintage or modern? What is her preferred stone shape? Does she love bold colors? Is she practical or super romantic? Having all this in mind will help you choose an engagement ring that is ideal for her, one that suits her style and personality. 

  • Think about the cut

Most people assume that the cut means the shape of the ring, oval or round. But this is how well cut the stone is. Diamonds that are well cut appear brilliant and fiery, while poorly cut ones are unappealing and dull. A well-cut diamond makes the stone seem larger than a poorly cut one of the same carat weight. 

Therefore, you need to choose special vintage engagement rings that are well-cut. Since diamonds are timeless, you want to settle for an engagement piece that’s flashy and appears charming.

  • Understand the online store’s shipping policy

Do some research on the online store’s return policy. If the ring gets damaged or you need to make changes, everything should be seamless throughout the process. The right store strives to offer 100 percent customer satisfaction with every purchase. 

Be sure to check the circumstances under which you can return the vintage diamond engagement ring. That shows when to expect a refund and within what periods. Research whether you can exchange the piece with another in case it does not meet your expectations. 

Researching on the complete return policy details is a must!

Main Photo by Amar Preciado.

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