Top 6 Things You Should Look for in a Meat Subscription Service

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Meat delivery services have seen a massive surge in the past year as a result of quarantine and social distancing restrictions. More and more people are choosing to get essentials, including meats and other food items, delivered straight to their doorstep as opposed to going out to the store. 

There is no shortage of meat subscription services available on the market. And while the majority of them do provide high-quality meat products, not all meat subscription services are made the same. In fact, according to LAWeekly many of these subscription services spend more on fancy marketing than on sourcing high-quality meat. 

So, how can you be sure the meat delivery service you’re subscribing to is reliable?

Below is a list of 6 things you should look for in a meat subscription service. Scroll on to learn more.

Meat Varieties

If you’re someone who likes to eat meat several times a week, finding a meat delivery service that offers a good variety of meat choices is important. You don’t want to be eating the same thing five days in a row. A good meat subscription service will provide you with a wide array of cuts and meats e.g., chicken, fish, beef, lamb, turkey, and pork. 

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ButcherBox is a quality example of a reliable meat delivery service. They offer clients an extensive variety of meat products in flexible proportions and delivery frequencies. You can get free-range organic chicken or grass-fed organic beef. Whatever you’re looking for, ButcherBox has it for you. 

Flexible Pricing

Prices for meat subscription services will vary between providers. High-end, premium meat products will cost a lot more compared to the meats you buy at your local supermarket. If you’re not looking to buy that much meat, finding a meat subscription service with flexible pricing options is essential.

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No need to break the bank to enjoy a good steak. Only pay for what you need. 

Customizable Options

While not all providers offer this type of feature, some meat subscription services allow subscribers to customize their subscription boxes. If you’re someone who is very particular with their meats, being able to build your own meat box from scratch is a great feature to have. 

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Ask your provider if they have customizable options for you. 

Health and Safety Practices

We are living in incredibly precarious times. Therefore, you want to make sure that the meat subscription service you’ve gotten is one that puts the safety of its staff and customers at top priority. Find out what safety and health practices they have in their company. 

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Furthermore, make sure that whoever is delivering meat products to your home is following the same precautions. After all, your health is worth more than any meat subscription service in the market! 

Carefully Sourced Meats

Not all meats are sourced from the same farm. That being said, you want to make sure that the sources your provider is getting their meat from are reliable. Here are several things to look for: 

  • An open-farm policy, meaning you can see their farm anytime
  • Livestock standards; these are standards followed by farmers and should be carefully detailed on their products or online profile for customers to read
  • Legal certifications — is the “source” qualified to supply meat products
  • A long list of satisfied customers

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If the meal subscription service that you’re looking at can’t provide any of this information, they probably aren’t worth your time. 

Easily Accessible Customer Support

Schedules can get mixed up, deliveries can get delayed — during these instances, you want to have an easily accessible customer support service to contact about your concerns. A good provider will offer you solutions and answers almost instantly, without much trouble. So, make sure to inquire about customer support before settling. 

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Furthermore, find out about this provider’s error intervention plans — how do they handle crisis and delivery issues? 

The Bottom Line

Buying meat is a delicate process; thus, it’s important to have an experienced and reliable provider on your side. Follow the tips we’ve listed above to help you find the best meat subscription service for you. 

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