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Speaking of Dubai, all kinds of high-end and luxurious scenes come to mind, whether it is the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa, or the largest artificially-made fountain, or how to develop from a small fishing village to such an international giant in a short period of time. The city is enough to prove that this “local tyrant” city is not a false name. So as a first-time visitor to Dubai, what are you going to do? Here to tell you, Dubai must play Top 8! You can visit here for travel visa information to Dubai.


Burj Khalifa, experience the refreshment of standing in Genting

This architectural masterpiece combining art, engineering and traditional culture is the tallest building in the world today. The observation deck on the 124th floor can take in the view of the whole of Dubai, and the At The Top Sky on the 148th floor is the highest observation deck in the world, standing here you can experience the real “in the clouds” feeling.

Under the observation deck, there is also the Armani Hotel and the world’s highest restaurant At.mosphere, where you can enjoy first-class cuisine while letting your eyes feel the beauty of the city.


The Dubai Mall Experience the world’s largest entertainment and shopping complex

Dubai Mall, located under the Burj Khalifa, is the world’s largest shopping, entertainment and leisure center, with an area as large as 200 football fields. It will take at least a few hours to visit all of them!

Among them, you can shop at thousands of retail stores, many of which are available in limited editions; you can also visit the aquarium, zoo, ice skating, and see the spectacular fountain at night.

At the same time, the design of the entire shopping mall is also very stylish. The entire shopping mall adopts a “simple and luxurious” design, and there is also a Middle Eastern market style of indoor markets. Any pose here is basically a photo of Internet celebrities.

In short, in Dubai Mall, you can always find the activities you want, whether it is shopping, shopping or playing, whether it is patting or eating, you will not feel bored.


Dubai Museum Know the history of Dubai

Before Dubai became such a large international city, it was a small fishing village with no sense of existence, which survived on the moisture of Dubai Creek.

The Dubai Museum allows you to understand the past history of Dubai, the living conditions of the people in Dubai at that time, and the museum itself is also a cultural relic – established in 1787, it is the oldest existing building in Dubai.


Dubai Creek Experience Dubai’s past years

Dubai Creek is known as the historical center of Dubai, and the early Dubai people lived here, while the modern Dubai Creek separates the “old city” from the “new city”. Also known as the “real Dubai”, there are various traditional markets with strong Arabic flavors on both sides of the river, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs.

In the early morning, get on a boat, look at the blue sky and white clouds, feel the different scenery on both sides of the river, and experience a different Dubai.


The Pearl of the Sea Burj Al Arab

This is a pearl of the sea.

The Burj Al Arab, located on an artificial island, is not only a seven-star luxury hotel, it is also a symbol of modern Dubai.

You can look at it from a distance on the beach and feel its unique sailboat shape and exquisite design; you can also visit it for the price of a meal, feel the inner luxury, and experience the perfect service and unforgettable food at the same time; Or choose to take a helicopter to experience its uniqueness from above. At this moment, you will feel that it is so perfect and so different from everything else.


Jumeirah public beach with sea breeze in the desert

This is one of the few free public beaches in Dubai, but even so, the sand is fine and the water is pristine, and it’s also a great place to watch the sunset over the Burj Al Arab.

Walking along the long coastline, strolling in the afterglow of the sunset, seeing this city with sand and sea, and feeling what kind of existence Dubai is like outside the city.


The beauty of holiness and elegance Jumeirah Mosque

Constructed in the traditional decorations of the medieval Fatimid dynasty and entirely of white stone, this mosque in Dubai is the only mosque that welcomes tourists and is so eclectic among the high-rise buildings in Dubai. Going clockwise, combined with the white and thorough slate, gives people a sacred feeling.


Eight Wonders of Modernity Palm Jumeirah

As the “eighth wonder of the world”, it is the world’s largest land transformation project, creating a series of islands in the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, floating like palm trunks on the sea. Take a helicopter tour or skydive for the most stunning views from the sky.

There are countless luxury hotel resorts on the island, including the largest and most dynamic water park in Dubai. Whether you are just visiting the outside, or you can experience countless luxury inside, this largest artificial island can give you a different feeling.


The Dubai TOP8 list provides an overview of the best activities to do in Dubai, from shopping and playing to museums and beaches. There is something for everyone in Dubai, and visitors will not be disappointed with the range of activities on offer. When you travel to Dubai, be sure to add these experiences to your list. You won’t regret it!


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