Top-Rated Canadian Rockies Train Tours For 2023

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Canada never fails to amaze you with its enchanting forests, rivers, lakes, landscapes, and so much more. The country is steeped in lush greenery, snow-capped mountains, and bluer-than-ever lakes. It is an abode of paradise for all travel lovers and a captivating nation altogether. If you are traveling via rail packages to this beautiful country, you may find yourself perplexed about the places to visit first. Do not worry. We are here to offer a seamless itinerary to you.

1. Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls is a timeless addition to your itinerary when visiting Canada. Between June to August is the best time to visit Niagara Falls as the weather is very pleasant during this time. Here you can dive into the beauty of the waterfalls and capture unforgettable pictures here. You can also spend quality time at the Marine land here. Nestled in the gorgeous landscapes of Ontario, Niagara Falls is a must-visit for all tourists. So, we highly recommend this place to everyone.

2. Quebec City

Did you know that Quebec City is one of the most magical places to visit in Canada? It offers a stunning escape from the usual serenity you will find in most Canadian spots. The French influence is what weaves up the rich culture and romance in the city. June, September, and December are some of the best times to visit Quebec City. You can visit the amusing historical attractions here, namely the Citadel.

Apart from this, you can also visit the Terrasse Dufferin and stroll across its majestic roads. Relaxing at Battlefield Park is also not a bad idea. The art and cultural scenes here in Quebec City are bound to make you feel happy.

3. Tofino 

If you want to experience paradise on earth, Tofino is the ultimate way to go. It is known as a ‘water lover’s paradise’ due to the presence of amazing beaches, namely Chesterman and Long beach. Apart from this, you can also venture into the camping experience at Pacific Rim National Park reserve. You can also go kayaking here with your favorite family members and friends. So, the scope of getting bored is minimal. Oh, and do not forget to try out the famous Fish tacos here. Those are to die for!

4. Old-Montreal 

If you love the old-world charm, indulge in a feeling of returning to history by traveling to this city. With its horse-drawn carriages and massive buildings, Old-Montreal is sure to attract you with its majestic underground views, a food tour, and spa Scandinave. Generally, March to May is the best time to arrive here. However, if you want to travel here during the winter, September to November would be an ideal time.

5. Banff National Park 

Did you know that Banff National Park is one of the largest national parks in the world? In fact, this national park is home to some of the best lakes, snow-capped peaks, and amazing land that makes this park the best ever. Make sure you come here for a special visit with your family and friends.

6. Mount Logan

Mount Logan is one of the highest peaks in Canada. It is surreal to view from a distance and is sure to make you fall for it every time. Make sure you come here during the winter to experience nothing but heavenly bliss. You can also trek here with your friends and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Winding Up!

This exotic place is all you need on your bucket list to experience the timeless beauties of nature. Make sure you take a trip to Canada soon to revel in these places with your favorite people.

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