We buy home furniture: Online furniture shopping and myths about it

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Nowadays, online shopping is the norm. We buy practically everything. From food products, through chemicals, to household appliances. However, when it comes to buying home furniture online, we still have some resistance. Who knows… maybe the myths about them are holding us back? Then it’s time to deal with them!

The waiting time when buying furniture online is very long

Although some furniture manufacturers deliver their furniture almost immediately after purchase, it is true that you usually have to wait a while for home furniture (if only because it has to be manufactured). However, in the case of this myth, it is a great injustice to say that a brick-and-mortar store provides every item in stock. In most furniture stores, the goods on display are furniture only for show, which can be bought immediately only when changing the display, in addition to post-exhibition goods – often with defects.

When ordering home furniture in a stationary store, you will also have to wait, and often longer than when shopping online because ready-made furniture first goes to the store’s warehouse, from where it is transported to the customer.

Home furniture needs to match – you can’t do that over the internet

This is one of our favourite myths. You frequently have no hesitation to buy jeans or a jumper in an online store, and when buying clothes you supposedly have to try them on … You say you checked the dimensions? Then why not do the same with your furniture!

Online stores offering home furniture have exact dimensions for each product, regardless of whether it is a sofa with a sleeping function or an ordinary shelf, so that you will not have any problems with matching them to your flat – of course, if you make the appropriate measurements in the rooms beforehand.

In addition, as in the case of a blouse that is too tight, you are entitled to return the undamaged product within the time specified by the store.

It gets even better! Some stores, such as e.g. https://www.dakohome.co.uk/ have decided to meet their customers’ expectations and have provided AR visualization on their website, thanks to which you can transfer the image of selected furniture to a previously scanned space and thus design the interior according to your tastes.


The cost of furniture plus shipping – it’s just not worth it!

But it pays off, and very much so! Before you start believing or repeating false opinions circulating, consider that the online retailer is not charged with some costs that, unfortunately, a stationary company will not avoid. These costs include renting premises and a warehouse, maintenance costs (such as electricity) for these places, and wages for numerous employees.

Thanks to such savings, you can often buy home furniture in an online store at much more attractive prices than those in a stationary store.

If you’re still worried about shipping costs, remember that online furniture stores usually offer free shipping on purchases of the indicated amount, while brick-and-mortar stores often charge their customers for home delivery of furniture from the store.

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