What are the Best Online Jewelry Stores in 2023?

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The way in which we, as a society, have shifted our shopping habits is pretty astonishing. The move towards online purchasing may feel like second nature to most of us, but in general terms, it’s a relatively new phenomenon but one that has moved incredibly quickly. 

We do much of our shopping via our desktops and mobile devices, and there are countless benefits to doing so. The ease with which we can buy anything we wish and the added bonus of being able to shop around for bargains means that the market is almost limitless

Some industries have seen the shift towards online markets even more pronounced, offering them a chance to expand their customer base and their bottom lines. 

Online Jewelry: A Rapidly Expanding Field

The reasons for the success of the online jewelry field are numerous, but two key areas are as follows. Firstly, the relative costs of buying items of jewelry in a local brick-and-mortar store are very much inflated, and this is due to overhead costs but also the implied financial factors implicit with items that are considered a luxury.

Prior to the internet age, we, as customers, were happy or at least accepted the fact that the prices we were paying for rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc…… were probably more than we might expect them to be. The online jewelry market has subsequently, to some extent, destroyed this myth, and the costs associated with buying jewelry online versus the offline equivalent are markedly lower. 

Secondly, the limited nature of items that might be sold in a local store when compared to the nearly limitless options you can find online makes it a far more accessible market for users who are now more nuanced in their shopping habits and keen to expand their horizons when buying an item of jewelry. 

The sheer weight of options available online makes the act of buying jewelry so much easier, and as the industry has adjusted to this new purchasing direction, so have the supporting aspects of it.

For instance, a few years ago, many would have been reticent about buying jewelry online for fear of being sold poor quality items or even the possibility of these items not arriving at our chosen address.

Fortunately, the mechanisms in place, and the guarantees given by the better online stores, mean that these concerns are less justified, and the systems in place are now more readily used.

Some sites also offer technical assistance that also benefits the customer. This might include tools that help you to see how an item might look on you or to get a better look at the items using state-of-the-art imaging resolution or even 360-degree views. 

Finding the Right Online Jewelry Store for Your Needs

Now that the market has increased, you only have the agony of choice ahead of you. A wide range of options is something of a double-edged sword, and that means you’ll need to get all the help you can before you hit ‘buy’ on the online jewelry store of your choosing.

Clearly, you can do a great deal of your own research to seek out the most reliable and competitively priced options out there, but generally speaking, your best bet is to find a comparison site that provides you the relevant educated and informed input as you seek out the best online jewelry store out there. 

To assist you, we’ve earmarked the five best in the market today, as well as the reasons why they are so highly rated and respected. 

Four of the Best Online Jewelry Stores in 2023

Zales – The Diamond Store

When it comes to buying diamonds, and other precious items of jewelry, Zales has a stellar reputation. They have a rich history in the market, dating back to 1924, and they’ve taken well to the online market.

Zales is strong in a number of key areas, including certification and pricing. They are, perhaps, less effective in relation to their sustainability and sourcing elements, which are relatively important areas in today’s market, with customers being far more discernible with regard to these matters.

James Allen

These guys have been in the online market since 2006, which is an age in the field, and they are continually evolving in relation to the whole purchasing process. Their imagery is excellent, and this aids the buying of the right product. They are also making great strides in the lab-grown diamond field. 

Their products are well-priced, but arguably their overall selection is more limited than others of a similar size. Their returns policy is smooth, and that’s important in this industry. 

Georg Jansen

This Danish lifestyle brand is one of the leading lights in the online jewelry market, and its customer ratings are always through the roof. The name, Georg Jansen, goes all the way back to 1904 in the jewelry world, and the worldwide presence of brick-and-mortar stores is a good way to inspire confidence in online shoppers. 

Free shipping is available for larger orders, and the number of payment methods is extensive, which is a good sign of a progressive online retailer. 

Melinda Maria

In terms of brands that offer comprehensive jewelry collections that suit all budgetary types, Melinda Maria hits the spot. The brand is LA-based and, therefore, a very glamorous operator in the field that has expanded quickly.

Their jewelry is worn by A-Listers, and they are very media savvy, with regular appearances in style magazines and websites helping to cement their position in the market. Their personalized range is a nice touch, but one negative may come in the form of their relatively short return period.

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