What Does the Choice of the Wristwatch Say About You?

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Men love wristwatches. Women wear them too, but for men, it’s kind of the only accessory they love spending money on. After decades of tech advancements, wristwatches have become a fashionable accessory rather than a valuable item telling the time.

If you’re buying a new watch or planning to, you must know what the new one will say about you. Buying branded men’s watches is not easy, as every model has a different story and will say something else about you when you go out in public with it.

When you’re thinking about getting a new watch, first think about the message you want to spread. That’s what we’re talking about in this article. We’re sharing the things that the watch says about you. Choose wisely and be aware of what you’re saying by wearing different watches.

Your social status

The watch you’re wearing shows your social status. Everyone knows that as a CEO of a major company, you’re required to wear a Rolex or some other wealth-related watch. You need to highlight the wealth in your bank account.

If you want to make yourself visible and noted, you should get yourself one of the brands known for decades as a status symbol for wealthy people. Wearing a cheap brand and model says you can only afford so much.

Your views on life

Suppose you rock an Obaku watch. This Danish brand is known for making minimalistic designs. They are not the only ones in the world, but they are a great example of what the watch says about you.

Wearing this brand says that you love to keep things simple, focus on life’s beauties, live in the moment, and don’t really care about socially acceptable things. Other brands will say something else, like your passion for vintage items, jewelry, or something else.

That you have an eye for detail

The wristwatch shows you have an eye for detail. Dressing up perfectly in a suit, coat, and excellent leather shoes, wearing the perfect tie that matches both the shoes and the belt, and wearing an oversized watch on your left hand means you know how to dress perfectly.

You want to be fashionable

Aside from having an eye for detail, the choice of the watch makes a fashionable statement. If you are bold enough to wear fashionable clothes and need to spice things up with a wristwatch, you can’t just put on anything.

You will need a matching watch to fit your entire look. If you want to be fashionable, choose a watch that completes your overall looks. It will be equally fun, modern, or vintage as the rest of the clothes.

Your age

The choice of watch often speaks about the age of the person. Old folks will choose an old-timer, a watch that still works the old way and has no battery inside. However, if you’re an older person but wearing a smartwatch, for example, you’re telling everyone that although you might be an older adult, you’re still young at heart.

What is your personality

The choice of the watch speaks about your personality too. You’ll never see a person whose soul is dark wear a white watch because this simply doesn’t represent their personality. Also, the choice of band says a lot about your personality.

You’re strict, punctual, and on point, if you’re wearing a metal band. You’re more laid-back, relaxed, and casual if you wear a leather band. Wearing an oversized watch means you want to dominate, and opting for a vintage model means you are traditional.

Your passion for exercise or outdoors

Finally, you love working out and exercising if you wear a smartwatch. Rarely will you see people wearing smartwatches that sit around the house all day doing nothing. A smartwatch is made for people who are active, move constantly, and want to keep track of it. If you love smartwatches, though, don’t forget to carry a powerbanking item in your pocket at all times.

A smartwatch is made with many features that people working out or going to the great outdoors benefit from the most. The number of calories burned, the pedometer calculating the number of steps made, and many more features are available, telling people that this person is always active.


Wristwatches are so cool. Every man has at least one piece in their closet that they usually wear for special events. Other people have dozens of different watches, and the wealthiest have a collection of expensive watches that are considered an investment for the feature.

All these have their stories and say something about the owners. If you’re planning to get a new piece, you should know what this watch will say about you when you wear it. The points above tell exactly that, so have them in mind the next time you shop to get a watch.

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