When to Give Christmas Cards?

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Don’t know when to give a Christmas card as a gift? Normally, Christmas cards are sent, along with a gift, at Christmas. However, it is not a problem to do it at other times as a joke. Boomf allows you to do it no matter what we are celebrating. Let’s see, at what time or under what conditions it is perfect to send them.

When to send Christmas cards?

Christmas cards do not have – necessarily – a date and time in the calendar. Beyond the “social rules” where everything Christmassy is in December, no one prevents you from sending them whenever you want. Let’s take a look at some perfect situations and moments to send Christmas cards, outside or within the season itself.

When it’s someone’s birthday.

The person may be having a birthday in December or a month close to Christmas time. As a joke, you can send them Christmas cards and bring their gift forward. Even add the following message:

I don’t have money for two gifts, so I’m giving you the Christmas gift ahead of your birthday. That’s why the Christmas card is a gift.

If your birthday is at a time other than Christmas, it doesn’t matter. Send some Christmas cards with a message that takes him out of the loop. For example:

This Christmas season I wish you a happy birthday.

Halloween Christmas cards

If you’re having a Halloween or costume party, and you want a Christmas theme, send your invitations via Christmas cards. It’s a great way to bring the date forward and experience a year with double Christmas.

You can even require everyone to come in Christmas-themed costumes. It would be a real thrill to celebrate Halloween with Christmas.

To celebrate a birth

When a baby comes into the world, the celebration is in style. An excellent idea is to send Christmas cards to the new parents, with a Christmas motif. Considering that every year the tradition is to set up a nativity scene, and celebrate Jesus. Together with his parents Mary and Joseph.

To be thankful

Being thankful is part of life and being thankful to others is a nice gesture. What better way to do it than with Christmas cards. This element has the property to cheer up anyone thanks to its colors and designs.

In Boomf you have the option to customize them. Add texts, colors, decorative elements, images and photographs. A good way to thank others by sending Christmas cards, in such a precious time as that.

To invite people to your Christmas dinner

If you have already planned your Christmas dinner, what better way to invite everyone than sending Christmas cards. It’s perfect for sharing your wishes for others to come to your home. You can add the menu or options for guests to collaborate with.

Is it possible to send Christmas cards on another date?

With Boomf it is possible to send Christmas cards at other times. Thanks to its customization system, which allows you to adjust the message and design at any time. You can send them for personal celebrations such as birthdays, holidays, and any other occasion you see fit.

If you are the person who is obsessed with Christmas all year round, there is really no limits for you when it comes to sending Christmas cards. It all depends on what you want to project among your guests or loved ones. Christmas cards are perfect all the time. Their authentic design and colors make anyone leave a smile on their face. Don’t hesitate to give these types of gifts accompanied by Christmas cards. They are special and transmit a lot of energy to the recipient.

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