Who Is Eligible to Place Wagers at NJ Sportsbooks?

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Who Can Bet on Sports in New Jersey?

Since being legalized, betting on sports has become increasingly popular in the state of New Jersey. Betting enthusiasts who reside in or are visiting New Jersey can make their bets online and at various retail locations that are authorized by the state of New Jersey.

Legal Age

In New Jersey, casino and sportsbook betting of any kind, whether attending physically or online, is restricted to individuals aged 21 or older. All gambling sites and betting parlors require you to present valid identification proving your age before they will take any wager.

For horse racing venues and the state lottery, including scratch cards, the age limit is 18 or older.

New Jersey Sports Betting Law and Regulations

Sportsbook betting in New Jersey is only allowed through casinos and racetracks that are physically based in New Jersey and via online websites that are hosted on servers located within New Jersey at registered gambling establishments.

Each casino that has a physical location within New Jersey is issued with three licenses for online gambling that it may issue to online providers to represent its casino online.

Any new sports betting website can operate online without a physical location but has a 270-day grace period to ensure that it builds a physical gambling establishment in this time.

All gambling winnings are taxed for residents at varying amounts, depending on whether the wager was posted online or in person.

This strictly regulated betting system provides an approved betting platform that is secure and monitored. The laws and regulations surrounding betting in New Jersey are continually evolving as the state continues to update its legal framework.

How to Start Betting in New Jersey

Select a Sportsbook

Choose a sportsbook operator that is based in New Jersey as per state law. You can view the best licensed online sportsbooks and apps in New Jersey by visiting wsn.com.

Register Online

Once you have found a trusted online platform, you will then create a betting account and provide personal information, such as your name and address.

Claim a Bonus

It is easy to claim your bonus – simply follow the instructions on the betting platform once you have registered online and check the terms and conditions for peace of mind.

Choose Your Bet

Research your chosen betting platform and visit online betting forums to get the best and most up-to-date information on the sport you wish to bet on.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds

Depositing funds into your sportsbook account is easy: all that’s required is a valid payment method. When betting online, most sportsbooks accept all the major credit cards, bank transfers and other prepaid options.

Withdrawing funds from your betting account is just as simple as depositing them. Most sites provide hassle-free cashouts in a matter of days, depending on the type of service used.

Start Betting

Once the research has been completed and the funds are deposited, you are ready to go ahead and place your first bet.

Odds Explained

The higher the betting odds for a particular team or event, the greater the payout for that betting option if it wins. Additionally, betting odds also depend on public sentiment and opinion, as betting lines can be adjusted depending on how much money is wagered on certain teams or events.

What You Can’t Bet on in NJ

You are not allowed to bet on any casino or online gaming website that is not owned or run by a business that is established and licensed within Atlantic City.

Betting on high school sports or collegiate tournaments held within the state’s boundaries is forbidden as well.

Other Types of Gambling

Other betting options include the New Jersey Lottery and horse racing at one of New Jersey’s three racetracks, and off-track betting.

New Jersey also allows for charity gambling events where non-profit organizations raise funds through gambling-themed events. Amusement parks, carnivals and similar are allowed to have amusement games based on skill and chance only.

Social gambling (such as playing poker at home with family) is permitted if the organizer of the event does not take a cut of the gambling proceeds.

Responsible Gaming in New Jersey

The betting industry in New Jersey is a vibrant one and the state takes responsible gaming regulations very seriously. To ensure that betting remains a safe and enjoyable activity for consumers, stringent rules are in place.

These regulations include age requirements to bet, time limits on betting sessions, reasonable betting budget constraints and important features to assist with self-exclusion or problem gamer detection. Furthermore, New Jersey offers to counsel those who need it through their 24/7 Problem Gambling Hotline.

All these safety measures work together to create responsible betting practices that guarantee fairness and security for all involved.

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