Why Businesses Still Send Faxes in 2024?

by Staff

Fax machines conjure images of antique, bulky equipment with attached telephones, emitting high-pitched dot-matrix sounds within office environments. They seem like relics from a bygone era, functioning at a turtle’s pace compared to modern technology. Or are they?

Despite this perception, fax machines remain integral to many businesses. Modern versions often combine various functions into a single unit, making them highly versatile. Some models feature continuous ink systems, while others include photocopying capabilities. Moreover, working with business faxes does not necessarily require the use of fax machines. Digital fax can completely replace these devices, reducing the cost of maintaining their operation.

1 Universal Format Standards

International technical standards for fax transmissions were established in 1968. These standards have been revised over the years to enhance fax transmission speed and image quality. Modern fax machines, along with other devices that can send and receive faxes, comply with both the latest and older standards. This means that a fax machine from 2024 can seamlessly communicate with a model from the 1980s. In essence, these devices are incredibly reliable, regardless of their age.

2 Legal Necessity

Faxing continues to play a crucial role in business operations due to its robust legal validity. Unlike emails, which can be altered or deleted during transmission, faxes offer a more reliable record of communication. This reliability becomes essential when verifying the authenticity of a document.

For many businesses, faxing is indispensable for tasks such as document verification and sending signed documents. Traditionally, these tasks required a physical fax machine. However, modern technology now offers a more convenient solution: digital faxing. Using fax from the iPhone, a company can not only be sure that it meets regulatory requirements, but also does not waste extra time on printing. For example, a fax app allows you to store documents in the memory of your smartphone and print them when needed. If you understand the importance of fax, but do not want the costs of a fax machine, you just need to use an iOS app.

3 Technological Inertia

Many businesses demonstrate reluctance in adopting new technologies. This hesitance can stem from factors such as organizational inertia, resistance to change, or simply a lack of awareness regarding modern alternatives.

Despite the general decline in the use of fax machines, some businesses continue to rely on them. This persistence may be attributed to the factors mentioned earlier. For current insights on this topic, consulting recent industry reports or news sources is advisable.

4 Security Considerations

Traditional fax machines transmit data over telephone lines, which significantly lowers the risk of tampering or interception by unauthorized parties. These machines operate without the need for a digital network, thereby ensuring that your sent or received data remains inaccessible to hackers.

Conversely, e-fax machines use the internet for message exchanges rather than telephone lines. They often boast better compatibility with conventional fax machines that depend on telephony. Although modern e-fax machines may not provide all the security benefits associated with traditional faxing, the potential advantages offered by a genuine fax machine are worth considering.

5 International Business

Although the use of fax machines has significantly declined in many parts of the world, it remains far from obsolete in others. In fact, in 2021, the Japanese government had to abandon an initiative to eliminate fax machines from government agencies. This decision was reversed due to strong opposition from the country’s “faxophiles,” who continue to view faxing as indispensable. A large number of businesses in Japan still rely on fax machines, and anyone looking to communicate effectively with these enterprises should consider integrating faxing into their document-sharing practices.

The situation is similar in Germany, where, according to Bitkom, 43% of companies continue to use fax machines. While this represents a decrease from previous years, it underscores the ongoing relevance of a communication method that many in the U.S. might deem outdated. If your business engages in international trade, it is advisable to research fax usage statistics in the countries where you operate. If faxing remains prevalent, adopting this method could improve your chances of success. Aligning with local business customs enhances your company’s prospects for success.

6 Confirm Receipt

Traditional fax machines, unlike the less secure answerback signals of telex machines (remember those?), generate a printed receipt to confirm the successful transmission of a fax. This receipt includes critical information such as the date, time, and receiving fax number, which acts as proof in case a late payer contests receiving the faxed overdue invoice. Additionally, certain digital faxing services also offer delivery receipts.

Final Thoughts

Online fax services are available for as low as a few dollars per month, presenting a budget-friendly communication solution for businesses. Using an online fax service provider eliminates the costs associated with installing additional phone lines and maintaining physical fax machines. Although faxing has become less essential in modern business operations, accommodating an important client who prefers this method can simplify your interactions. If your budget permits, incorporating faxing into your communication channels in 2024 can still provide valuable benefits for your business.

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