Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose Instagram to Develop Their Business?

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Instagram is a network that has gained huge popularity among businessmen thanks to a huge diverse audience, clear functionality and the ability to quickly and effectively develop a brand on the platform. To date, about 30% of accounts are commercial. In pursuit of increasing profits and expanding the customer base, they perform many actions aimed at account development: they make a content plan, improve the quality of posts, buy Instagram followers to create a presentable account from scratch and use new formats for submitting information. All this requires a lot of time, effort and costs of some part of the budget. But why is it profitable for entrepreneurs?


More than 500 million people around the world visit Instagram every day, and the network has about 1.5 billion people in total. Businessmen understand that among active users there are those who will want to buy their product and will be interested in their brand. In addition, in 2016, it became possible to connect a professional account on the platform, which has many advantages over a regular profile :


Convenient statistics, using which you can evaluate and analyze which publications are viewed most often, at what time of the day the public is most active, when subscribers click on links, and much more. This data helps to assess the profitability of investments and build a successful business strategy.


Additional description of the page. By connecting a business profile, you can add the “contact” function, where the company’s address, phone number and email address will be indicated, with which customers will be able to contact you.


Lightweight advertising launch functionality. You have a choice whether to promote the page in the application itself or use your personal account on Facebook for this. Experienced specialists and popular authors most often prefer the second option, because it allows you to configure more precise and complex parameters.


5 reasons to start a professional Instagram account :


  1. Increasing loyalty and brand engagement. It’s no secret that at the moment social networks are a great way to attract potential subscribers to the brand philosophy and thereby increase sales. In this case, the account does not work for direct sales, but for brand involvement. To increase customer loyalty, you need to communicate with them as much as possible, organize various contests and show that every subscriber is important to your brand. This way you will create a positive image of the company, which will later affect the expansion of the customer base.


  1. Show the face of the brand. You have the opportunity to establish a more personal connection with the audience. In the last few years, companies that have a “face” are at the peak of popularity and are in great demand. This is due to the fact that users are tired of empty accounts that are created only to sell goods. Such pages are more like Amazon, and are a terrible anti-trend. In order to make your page look attractive, post more photos and videos with the participation of your team and satisfied customers, talk about creating a brand and share interesting facts about the company. Fill the feed with everyday work events, funny thematic memes and interesting stories from employees so that users have the feeling that they are communicating with real people.


  1. Instagram shopping. In the summer of 2020, the developers of the platform introduced a new feature with which entrepreneurs and representatives of various brands can sell goods using a separate tab and marking things in posts and stories. You can group products by themes, seasons, and even important events, helping users find what they need. We can say that Instagram stores are an analogy of storefronts, but in online mode. Now you don’t have to spend money on renting a room, just put the assortment online and show it in the best light, using cool collections and stylish lookbooks.


  1. Data collection. Direct dialogue with the target audience is a great opportunity to find out what content is expected from you and what products will be most in demand this season. Use the survey function in stories, conduct various quizzes and publish a story every few days in which subscribers will be able to express their questions or share their impressions about the purchase. This will allow you to make a conclusion about the work of the company and find out the preferences of consumers in order to plan the assortment. You also have access to analytics, where you can get useful statistical information and create content based on this data.


  1. Establish contacts with partners. The meaning of any social platform primarily lies in communication. Using Instagram to promote your business, you can not only increase revenue, but also establish useful connections and find like-minded people with similar interests. You can expand your network of contacts, collaborate with bloggers, and create various collaborations to increase your subscriber base.


So, now you know why many entrepreneurs, major brands and corporations are constantly losing activity on the web. This provides many benefits that have a positive impact on the business. Using the right ways of promotion and constantly improving the quality of content, you have a real opportunity to take the company to a new level, increase sales and attract hundreds of thousands of people to the brand. Don’t miss the chance and start doing it right now!

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