Why Do You Need Technical SEO Services?

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Technical SEO optimization is one of the key components of the overall SEO strategy. It includes the internal technical optimization of any resource: starting from the online store and ending with the websites of corporate giants. Why is this manipulation so important? In short, technical SEO forms are the basis for achieving the right search strategy. Some not-too-experienced experts may argue that the technical side of optimization is not the key, but it is with it that most often many problems directly lead to financial losses. That’s why we decided to help you avoid problems and immediately introduce the professional, technical SEO company. In this material, we will talk about what is technical SEO optimization and find out why it is needed.

What is technical SEO optimization?

So, technical SEO is the optimization process of a resource (eg, your website), which helps search engines (for example, Google) to find, scan, and, of course, index the pages of the resource. Thus, all actions that are made in the process of this optimization are aimed at ensuring that you are found. As a consequence, improved ranking. In more simple terms, technical SEO is a kind of science, primarily about search.


Unfortunately, the search for the best optimization solutions is a constant path. Why? The thing is that search engines do not always give the right or complete information about what will work best, giving only hints in the form of updates. That is why you have to constantly and closely examine the technical specifics, share experiences between webmasters, and based on this knowledge experiment. At the moment there are about 150 points that are checked during the technical optimization. However, in order not to bore you with such a long list, we have grouped them into several major groups.


  • The first thing that is studied and brought to an optimal state is the loading speed. An incredibly important component, because Google in its recent update indicated that loading speed is now one of the most important ranking criteria. And, if you think about it from a user experience perspective, hardly anyone wants to wait more than 10 seconds for a page to load.
  • The second group contains all the activities related to the correctness of the elements of the layout.
  • The third group is allotted to study whether the page markup is made by meta-data, titles, and other elements.
  • Another group includes internal linking work. Search engines like when the linking is done correctly, and the user longer stays on the site. In addition, this optimization not only provides an opportunity to improve indexing but also helps to make user navigation more convenient.
  • The next group works with duplicate page detection and those that have a server response code 3xx, 4xx, or 5xx.
  • And the last group includes tools and actions to improve processes related to the security of the site for customers.

Why is technical SEO necessary?

At this point, we will simply and clearly explain what services may include technical SEO and why they are important.


SEO audit

The first service we will talk about is SEO audit. It is a comprehensive check of the site. This check includes a study of the speed of loading pages of the site, checking for technical doubles, and the correctness of the micro-pagination. In addition, the audit also looks for any elements of the site that prevent it from ranking well in search engine results. In a broader sense, the technical audit is the first step without which further promotion of a Web resource will not work, as it is needed to build a strategy for promoting the resource.

Semantic core

The second service is aimed at working with the semantic core. What is it? The semantic core is keywords that a search engine monthly according to the target region. In this case, the service of semantic kernel clustering is performed. In more clear terms, this action allows you to assign search queries to pages so that a few pages at once did not respond to the same user queries and do not confuse the search engine. That is, this service helps to improve the ranking of the pages for search queries.

Site structure

The third service is designed to develop the structure of the site. What does it mean? By creating a resource, you have to make it not only convenient and attractive to the visitor, but also for the bots that scan it. The first and the second need to provide access to any page for a minimum number of actions. This is why you need a well-designed site structure.

Download speed

The next service that any resource needs is a download speed increase. It’s not a secret that people starting to load pages from smartphones more and more frequently. Of course, search engines understand this and take it into account. That is why it is more than necessary to properly optimize the loading speed of your site from any device.

OnPage optimization

OnPage optimization allows search engines to properly understand the content on pages and assess the importance of elements on them.


SSL certificate

And the last service includes the correct connection and configuration of the SSL certificate. Why is it important? Because in this case, we are talking about the security of your users and their data.

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