Why Online Pharmacies Offer Better Prices for Prescription Medicines

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Online pharmacies have become a very popular way for people to order and receive their prescription medications, especially since the price of medications and other necessities have skyrocketed.


The reason that online pharmacies have become so popular is because they offer the same medicines you can get at your local pharmacy for way less cost.


How can they offer such low prices?


The difference between America and Canada


Canadian pharmacies can offer such low prices since the government caps the max amount any single pharmacy can charge for medication.


At the end of the 1980s, the Canadian government formed a Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) to regulate and limit the maximum price for medication.


This was set to ensure Canadians never paid an excessive price for their medication.


When new medicines are put on the market, the PMPRB limits the price they will pay the manufacturer to the average price paid in other countries like the UK and France — forcing the manufacturer to take the offered price or lose the Canadian market.


In America, the government does not interfere with price negotiations, so prices can continue to escalate with no cap — making America the place with the most expensive prescription medications in the whole world.


You may not be able to benefit from Canada’s low healthcare costs, but anyone can take advantage of the caps that the PMPRB put in place on medication prices through online purchase.


Another major difference between America and Canada’s prescription medicine policies is the fact that America pushes brand-name medications over cheaper generic counterparts.


This is done by allowing manufacturers to advertise directly to the consumer.


Whereas America pushes brand names, Canada attempts to get the generic versions in the hands of all people who fill prescriptions in their pharmacies to maintain the lowest price possible at all times.


Other ways they keep prices down


Other ways Canadian pharmacies keep the cost of medication so low is finding the cheapest ways to buy it.


Many Canadian pharmacies don’t accept insurance or coupons.


This is done to avoid third-party fees and raised prices that the pharmacy manager in charge of these services charges to all pharmacies in their network.


Canadian pharmacies also cut out the middleman and extra fees by purchasing the medication directly from the manufacturer — not wholesale.


Another way they find medications for the cheapest price possible is by buying them from other countries, like Australia, who have cheaper prices.


By avoiding third-party fees and all upcharges, Canadian pharmacies are able to keep their prices as low as possible.


Buying your medicine online


After finding your medication, the process to order it can be completed in just a few steps — sign up or login, enter prescription information, select medication plus dosage and amount, then finalize your order.


If you are not savvy enough to use the internet, there are several other ways to place your order.


You can call the pharmacy on the phone or talk to a pharmacist using the live chat feature.


Ordering your medication online is easy with one of the three methods — anyone can do it.


Since Canada and other countries have universal health, which means the government controls the maximum prices, these online pharmacies can offer much lower prices to people worldwide.


These low costs can help you to afford your medicine, plus your food and bills.

Go to Canadianpharmacyonline.com to see how low your prescription medicine bill can become with all the savings.

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