Why Trekking is a Fantastic Exercise Idea

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When you’re thinking about improving your life and making changes, being physically active is one of the top things to do. If this is part of your New Year’s resolution, you’re probably aiming to go to the gym regularly and lift weights.

Although this sounds like a great idea, going to the gym is not for everyone. You might not be too excited about it and prefer a more outdoor activity. With so many options to do in nature, you might want to choose trekking.

Trekking is an activity done in nature. It is similar to hiking, with the first one requiring more strength, activity, and muscles. It is usually done in the mountains where people previously marked tracks you go through to reach a particular point. Check out why trekking is excellent for you.

Keeping your body in shape

As mentioned above, trekking allows you to keep your body in perfect shape. You build your muscles and develop a perfect posture when walking through nature. This physical activity equals going to the gym and lifting weights with your legs.

The only difference is you won’t get bored quickly by walking through the forests, fields, and mountains of mountains that offer many interesting things. You will build astonishing muscles by enjoying yourself for a few hours.

Losing weight

Aside from building an excellent physique and making yourself look fantastic, you’re also burning fat and losing all that build-up fat in your body. On average, you will burn 450 calories per hour by simply hiking through nature. 

Of course, depending on the pace and your weight, you might lose more or less, but this is somewhat of an average number. Doing this regularly, or two times per week, guarantees you’ll lose a lot of weight in a few months.

Breathing fresh air

One of the best things about trekking is getting out of the city and enjoying some fresh air. Cities are so polluted, which is disastrous for our overall health. It makes our lungs fill with polluted air, affecting the entire body and mind.

In nature, the air is perfect. Numerous trees in forests produce high-quality oxygen. Spending a few hours every three or four days in nature is excellent for your lungs. Think of this as an investment in your health and future, and have a hiking trip a couple of times weekly.

Relaxing your mind and slowing the pace of life

Another thing that the city imposes on us is stress. The staggering fast pace of life and the constant negative effects from your work, society, and people are easily lifted in nature. Leaves of trees shivering in the wind, birds chirping, and animals making sounds in the distance provide a relaxing feeling.

It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer; both seasons provide fantastic benefits. These benefits will make you relaxed, stress-free, and happy. It will nurture your mental health and keep your hormones at ideal levels, which eventually means happiness.

Enjoying spending time with friends and having conversations with them

Trekking is all about connecting with people and nature. It is an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t go out alone in the wilderness. You may have the perfect Ledlenser torch, flawless technology, and be highly skilled; it’s always recommended to go trekking in the company.

Not just for safety reasons but for having more fun, too. Trekking is about spending time with friends. You should enjoy their company, chat, laugh, and have deep-subject conversations. It’s about making friends and staying together forever.

Working on your cardio

Cardio is not only needed for athletes but also for regular people. If you want to live a healthy life, you must dedicate yourself to cardio. Cardio means doing an exercise that will improve the work of your cardiovascular system. When you push yourself to the limits and make your heart pump more blood, you’re doing a great cardio exercise.

With better blood flow through your body, your organs get more blood and oxygen. That makes them work better and regenerate faster. Your muscles work faster, your brain is optimal, and every organ inside your body does its work perfectly.

Chance to see some amazing views of nature

The only view you have when you’re in the city is looking at other buildings or streets. You will rarely see a spectacular sunset or sunrise. In nature, this is all different. All colors are staggering as you stand on a mountain ridge looking in the distance.

People spending more time in nature are happier and more creative, as they have the chance to see some fantastic views that truly thrill them. If you’re tired of the city’s numbness, you’re ready to hit the mountain tracks and enjoy some trekking.

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