Why Trieste is the perfect Italian getaway for New Jerseyans

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If you’re from New Jersey and looking for a European getaway, you won’t need to travel very far. Located in Northeastern Italy near the Slovenian and Croatian borders, you will find a charming city called Trieste that has plenty of history and a rich culture that visitors can experience and enjoy. There is plenty to see in Trieste and it is also an affordable travel destination which is just the cherry on the cake. It is a wonderful destination reachable by ferry, and if you take a look at Let’s Ferry you will find many cheap options that will get you to this charming city. For more information, look no further because we’ll be discussing the reason why Trieste is the perfect Italian getaway for New Jerseyans.

The city is home to beautiful architecture and stunning seaside views

When visiting Trieste, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful architecture in the city. Walking through the city, you will notice many liberty-style buildings as well as neoclassic and eclectic style architecture. The buildings tower over the streets which will have you feeling as though you’ve entered another time zone. Liberty, which is the architectural style of most buildings in Trieste, became popular at the end of the 1800s – the beginning of the 1900s, and this style incorporates soft lines and curves as well as natural decorations that are inspired by Nature. There are also many stunning seaside views and beaches to enjoy including Beach Barcola, Bagni comunali Lanterna as well as Bagno da Sticco which are among the best beaches in Trieste.

Trieste has a rich history and culture

Trieste is a blend of Italian, Slovenian and Hungarian influences and has been called the real-life Atlantis by Nation Geographic. Whether you are an artist, historian, or lover of Nature, there is something for you in Trieste. The people of Trieste are one with the sea and this city is where the humans first explored the deepest parts of the ocean in the 1960 Mariana Trench. The sea culture is prevalent with socks filled with people selling baked fish, local muscles, and ceviche-style octopus. This city is also known as Italy’s capital of coffee, Trieste is home to the biggest coffee port in the Mediterranean.

Trieste is affordable

You can find trips to Trieste for as cheap as $133 per person per day. You can find vacations rentals priced as low as $60 per night and you can expect to spend as little as $27 on meals for 1 day. Local transport will cost you as little as $15 per day which shows just how affordable this destination is. Trieste is budget-friendly and highly rated and it is recommended that you understand when peak and off travel seasons are so that you can arrange more affordable travel plans.

Trieste is also a great place to eat

An Italian vacation is not complete without some local Italian food. Italian food is some of the most popular foods in the world so where better to have some authentic Italian dishes than in Italy herself? For some delicious Italian Pizza and Mediterranean food, head to Pizzeria La Napa and if you want some seafood, Joia is highly recommended as well. You will also find restaurants serving foods from other countries such as Ristorante Indiano Krishna where you will find lovely Indian food as well as I-Sushi Trieste which serves Japanese seafood and sushi.

There’s plenty to do in Trieste

There are plenty of activities that cater to every type of traveler. Whether you are passionate about art, history, food, architecture, or beautiful landscapes, Trieste has something to offer. For coffee lovers, you can spend time exploring Trieste’s coffee culture in one of the many historic cafes in the city. For those who like taking in the beautiful attractions, there is Piazza Unita which is the main town square and also a main attraction in the city. For more sightseeing, you can also take a stroll down the beautiful Canal Grande and nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of the Giardino di Villa Revoltella which is a beautiful park that is largely undiscovered. Of course, we cannot forget the shopping enthusiasts, who can enjoy antique shopping at one of many vintage stores in the city.

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