World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 3 Leveling Tips & Tricks

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Leveling is a crucial part of your WoW experience, especially in Classic, but sometimes, it can turn into a tedious routine, and you just wish that XP would rack up faster and levels would come quicker.

That’s why we’re here with our leveling tips and tricks to help you out. This guide is mainly aimed at newcomers and those who’ve decided to jump back into the game in Phase 3. However, experienced players who’ve already maxed out and are now leveling up their alts might also pick up a few useful insights. Speaking of insights: if you want to make your gaming much smoother, check out boosts and carries from our buddies at WowVendor. There, you can not only get a nice level-up but also buy SoD gold at a good price, rank up in the Arena, and find pro teammates for the game’s instanced content.

And now, let’s dive into those tips to make your leveling journey a breeze!


How to Level Up Faster in Season of Discovery Phase 3

Grab Your Discoverer’s Delight Buff

In Phase 2, a fantastic buff called Discoverer’s Delight was added to the game, significantly boosting your XP gains at certain leveling stages. Initially, it increased received XP by 50% from levels 1 to 25. Later, some tweaks were made, and recently, Blizzard gave players a truly generous gift by tripling the buff’s effect. Now, it will increase the XP you gain up to level 39 by 150% and provide a 100% boost for characters at levels 40-49. That’s the kind of offer you don’t walk away from!

Get the Most Out of Runes

Phase 3 introduced a bunch of new class runes with various buffs that can really help you progress, boosting your combat effectiveness and leveling speed. Here are a few examples: Paladins will benefit a lot from Crusader Strike and Sheath of Light runes, which provide extra damage, bonus spell power, and mana restoration; Hunters can make great use of Kill Command and Beast Mastery runes to buff their pets’ damage and health; and Warlocks can deal increased fire damage with Incinerate and Chaos Bolt runes. These are just suggestions; you don’t have to use these exact runes. Take time to explore the whole range available to your class — not only the newly added runes but also the older ones — and experiment with builds to find the most optimal combos for you.

Take Part in Nightmare Incursions

This activity introduced in Phase 3 is a goldmine for leveling because the sheer amount of XP you can get from the runs is simply incredible. Incursions are available in four in-game zones. You can start participating from level 25 all the way up to 50. Duskwood Incursions open up at level 25, Ashenvale becomes available at level 40, and in the other two zones — Feralas and Hinterlands — you can join in the Incursions only when you reach level 50. One more reason to hit that level cap faster!

Run the Gnomeregan Raid

Defeating bosses in Gnomeregan gives you a huge experience boost, so head there first thing once you reach level 40. You won’t be able to run it repeatedly due to raid lockout restrictions, but even a single completion will give you a ton of XP. If you go there right at your 40, just one run can net you around 100,000 experience — that’s almost an instant jump to level 41!

Run Dungeons

While questing is the easiest way to earn XP, dungeons are the most efficient. Sure, it takes more skill and almost always requires a group, but at the same time it offers a controlled, repeatable farming environment and loads of incredible rewards. And we’re not just talking about XP — there will be plenty of that for sure — but also about all that sweet loot that drops from mobs inside the instance. For maximum benefit, we recommend focusing on Scarlet Monastery and Zul’Farak dungeons.

Get Your Mount

A mount is not just a fancy traveling companion and a way to flex on your friends, but also a powerful leveling buff. Mounts allow you to move much faster, which in turn speeds up your farming, questing, and of course, leveling by at least 60%.

Use Cozy Sleeping Bag

If you’re not a big fan of sleeping bags, this one will definitely change your mind. The Cozy Sleeping Bag item provides a stacking bonus to experience earned — all you have to do is rest inside for at least one minute and you’re good to go.

Use Addons

Like it or not, addons have become an integral part of your WoW gameplay, and ignoring them means missing out on some serious advantages. When it comes to leveling, there are a couple of suggestions you should check out. Questie shows available quests in the area, including start and turn-in points; Leatrix Plus automatically accepts and turns in quests, also handling summon and resurrection requests for you. RestedXP offers efficient questing routes to help you progress smoothly and reach the maximum level faster, and RareScanner is a great tool for tracking down Rare mobs for cool rewards and decent XP gains.

Save High XP Quests for Later

It’s best to save any quests offering more than 3,000 XP, especially Elite quests or those above level 40 giving at least 4,500 XP. In the early stages, leveling isn’t too challenging with experience racking up relatively fast, but as you progress further, every bit of XP starts to count. So, be patient and save those rich-on-XP quests for later — they’ll come in really handy when pushing from 40 to 50.

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