Building Better Communities in Hudson County

by Abby Montanez

By definition, a community is a group of people living in the same place or a feeling of fellowship with others. While these two meanings don’t always go hand-in-hand, for some, this is the ideal combination when considering a new living space. In recent years, renters and buyers have been looking for more than just a place to call home and have shifted their focus to finding a true sense of belonging. Glass high-rises and rooftop pools will always charm prospective residents, however more forward-thinking real estate companies have found that the key to building a better community is caring about the people just as much as the property. 

At the forefront of this movement are companies like The Bozzuto Group, who have made it a point to prioritize the potential wants and needs of their customers and to create an atmosphere where residents can flourish. “No one is looking for just four walls and a ceiling anymore,” explained Steven Longobardi, Senior Marketing Manager at Bozzuto, “they want that sense of community.” 


Founded in 1988, Bozzuto specializes not only in homebuilding, multifamily development and construction, but values their commitment to creating exceptional customer service experiences and crafting meaningful communities for their residents. For them, that starts with listening to their customers, taking feedback and deepening the client relationship. “We recently launched a new tool called Bozzuto Listens which offers a one-on-one connection for residents. It’s our outlet for community members to voice any needs, questions, comments or concerns and we believe in providing them with an extraordinary, human interactive experience.” This is just one way in which Bozzuto differentiates themselves from the rest of the market, by listening and looking for ways to deliver on a promise.

Bozzuto also provides an array of resident programs throughout all of their properties as a way of engaging customers and going beyond run-of-the-mill apartment offerings. Longobardi explained the importance of incorporating open layouts into their designs so that they can serve as a gathering place or common area and encourage guests to spend more time outside of their homes, which appeals to the modern buyer or renter. 

“Our residents want to make friends and interact so that’s why we have resident programs in place like ‘Wine Down Wednesdays’ and summer barbeques by the pool. We really try to go the extra step so we can touch on that ‘community’ experience.” At residences such Liberty Towers in Jersey City, the property itself is highly amenitized with everything from a spin cycle studio and cinema-style screening room to a golf simulator and game parlor, but what truly makes this a modern community property are the people and their commitment to making this place their home.


Photo by Ray Cavicchio

“Liberty Towers was designed with an eye towards the future,” Longobardi explained, “and with that amount of space, there’s so much potential to create an essence of community. We partner with a lot of vendors like craft breweries and many other great businesses that highlight Jersey City and bring a local element to the residents.” 

Oftentimes a ‘neighborhood feel’ is what’s lacking in apartment living, but a successful community can provide a lifestyle experience in which its residents, buildings and nearby companies can thrive. “It’s not just about their apartment and their space, we’re looking outside of that to make sure they have everything they need,” Longobardi stated. “We want to create a sanctuary for them and whatever they want, we’re here to help them.” This progressive and thoughtful consideration for community-style living is one that challenges not only our physical surroundings, but aids in fostering new relationships and bettering the lives of residents as a whole. 

Bozzuto was recently named by Multifamily Executive Magazine and J Turner Research as the ‘Top Property Management Company for Online Reputation’ for the third consecutive year. This achievement is determined by online reviews from clients who have trusted in Bozzuto Management to exceed expectations and deliver on their devotion to integrity.

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