Bring The Florida Tropics Into Your Home With The Plant House in Jersey City

by Moneika Okawa

The Plant House, a family-owned and operated business, has been delivering quality, hand-picked plants from South Florida to Jersey City for the past eight years. Located on 246 Randolph Ave, The Plant House offers a diverse portfolio consisting of 150 plant species as well as a great variety of home plant decor. From Monstera plants to Gardenias, you will find plenty of beautiful tropical plants perfect for your home or landscape.

The Plant House began selling plants in NYC to locals and businesses back in 1976. After they were approached by a customer who asked if they could rent a plant, their business model expanded. “We’ve been renting plants for over 40 years to the entertainment industry and every kind of event known. We have landscaped many properties from hotels, restaurants and homes. We have operating businesses in NYC, the tri-state area, as well as South Florida.” 

Their work has been featured in major network television shows, movies and magazines. Last week, I had an opportunity to chat with Raymond Zijic, owner of The Plant House.

How has The Plant House been active in the Hudson County community?
RZ: Just over the past few weeks we’ve really explored pop-up events. We’ve been collaborating with different businesses in Jersey City and Hoboken that have an appropriate space. Obviously, with COVID-19, everyone has been limited to take-out and that’s been a great opportunity to bring the plants to the community versus them coming to us. We’ve been embraced by different businesses and restaurants that have a patio where the plants can be set up. Pop-ups have been a really fun way to connect with the community. We have collaborated with Harry’s Daughter, Gringo’s Tacos, and several different local food trucks like Venti Food Truck, No Forks Given, Wisp Express.

Do you offer any unique or personalized services for customers?
RZ: Yes, we offer free consultation calls. I Facetime with customers so they can show me their plants and ask questions. If there’s an issue, I can see what’s going on and help find a solution. I don’t need to go to people’s houses and they don’t need to come to us. I can offer assistance directly from my home.

The Plant House also offers professional plant care and maintenance services while you’re on vacation or away from your home or office for an extended period of time. 

Recommended Low Maintenance Plants For Beginners

1. Snake plant
2. ZZ plants
3. Cactus
4. Succulents
5. Pothos
*see more here.

At the end of the season, The Plant House donates all of their remaining plants to local schools. If you would like to collaborate or receive services from The Plant House, you can DM them directly through their Instagram page @theplanthouse. To check out their work or request a quote visit their site


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