Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

by Lauren Scrudato

If your heart just sank into your stomach because you forgot Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, you’re lucky the Digest strives to keep you out of the dog house. Here’s a list of last minute Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t give away the fact that they were crunch-time scrambles:

12 Months of Pre-Planned Dates. Whether it’s a simple date like seeing a movie or a more elaborate idea such as a weekend getaway, make a mini book of one date per month you plan to take your love on over the next year. Not only will they be impressed by your romanticism, but they’ll find comfort in knowing you’re thinking about the future with them in it.

An Amped Up Night In. The best way to win someone over is to devote an entire night to what they love. Watch one of their favorite movies (luckily you won’t have to worry about buying it because they’ll already have it), order dinner from their favorite restaurant, and buy a carton of their go-to ice cream to indulge in. It’s a guaranteed way to have a successful Valentine’s Day.

Couples Massage. If you missed our post earlier in the week, Zeni Day Spa is offering a discount on chocolate and strawberry couples massages through the whole month of February, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling the appointment immediately. Get all the details here.

A Jar of Love Notes. A Mason jar filled with handwritten notes will get the tears rolling down your partner’s face. Open up and express reasons why you admire them, favorite memories together, or everyday things/moments that remind you of them.

Alcohol. If your significant other is a beer or wine connoisseur, butter them up with a variety pack of craft beers or a bottle of wine they’ve been meaning to taste. New Jersey Beer Company has some awesome options to chose from, and they’re local so you can grab a six pack in just a few minutes.

Monthly Subscriptions. Monthly subscription clubs are growing in popularity as gift options for loved ones. If you want to take the previous idea a step further, you can sign your hunny up for a beer or wine of the month club so that your gift lasts longer than just the day. You could also sign them up for a magazine subscription based on their interests, or if you want to hint at serious future commitment, get them a wedding magazine.

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