Average NJ Resident Consumes 82 Bagels Per Year, Survey Says

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It’s no secret that New Jerseyans love a good bagel (and that the Garden State produces some of the country’s best). Google searches for ‘bagels near me’ have surged by 41 percent in 2024 in New Jersey alone, showcasing a growing appetite for these ring-shaped delights.

To unravel this culinary conundrum, Betway undertook a comprehensive survey, canvassing nearly thousands of Americans across various states, with a keen focus on the bagel preferences of New Jerseyans. The findings not only shed light on the preferred flavors and fillings but also unveiled the astonishing frequency with which these doughy treats grace New Jersey breakfast tables.

The survey concludes that the average New Jersey resident eats a remarkable 82 bagels per year, signifying a deep-seated affection for this iconic baked good. Astonishingly, 29 percent of respondents divulged that they indulge in as many as three bagels per week, underlining the steadfast commitment of New Jerseyans to their bagel rituals. Surprisingly plain was the most popular choice among the Garden State.

NJ Residents Preferences:


Type of bagel

% of people who voted this as their favorite type of bagel

Favorite bagel fillings

% of people voted for this as their favorite bagel filling




Cream cheese





Sausage, egg, and cheese



Cinnamon raisin


Bacon, egg, and cheese





Porkroll/taylorham, egg and cheese





Pizza bagel


Delving deeper into the preferences of New Jersey bagel aficionados, it becomes evident that the choice of cream cheese filling is a matter of serious contemplation. A resounding 54 percent of respondents expressed a penchant for the classic plain cream cheese, while 25 percent favored the savory allure of garlic and herb, closely followed by 24 percent who opt for the fruity tang of strawberry.

The Bagel House ~ Verona NJ (7)

Moreover, the survey unearthed fascinating insights into the price point deemed acceptable by New Jersey bagel enthusiasts. With a willingness to shell out $2.58 for their favored morning indulgence, a majority (36 percent) expressed a readiness to pay up to $2 per bagel, reflecting the perceived value attached to this cherished breakfast staple.

The research further underscores the widespread adoration for bagels across the United States, with almost 80 percent of Americans confessing to enjoying them at least once a month, if not more frequently. While preferences may vary, the data delineates a diverse landscape of bagel consumption habits.

Age By the Numbers

In terms of demographics, age and gender play significant roles in shaping bagel consumption patterns. The data reveals that 25-34-year-olds emerge as the most fervent bagel aficionados, devouring an average of 102 bagels annually, closely trailed by the 35-44 age group with 101. Intriguingly, men exhibit a stronger affinity for bagels compared to women, consuming 40 percent more per year on average (105 compared to 75).

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Jill April 16, 2024 - 12:35 pm

Someone is eating my share.

Joanne Mikalauskas April 16, 2024 - 12:41 pm

Not me! Maybe 1 bagel a year. ☺️


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