Cross the Border to Blue Moon in Englewood


You’re closer to the border than you think! That is, when you set foot into Blue Moon in Englewood, New Jersey. If you’re looking for authentic and savory Mexican flavors, this place is a must-try! From the minute you sit down, you’re greeted with some of the best tasting complimentary salsa I’ve ever had. And if chips and dip is your thing, the ultimate trio is a sure shot! Black bean dip, tomatillo salsa and the avocado hummus leave you salivating for the second course.
Next up for me was one of my favorites, fajitas. Being the healthy type that I am, I decided to go for for the corn tortillas which, by the way, were one of five different tortilla varieties. The fajitas themselves, however, were unbelievable! And if that wasn’t enough, we decided to share a couple tacos just to top it off. A few new menu items included the cauliflower, gaucho, and cancun tacos, which is a tender cod fillet with a blend of Mexican spices.  


Now, if you’re anything like me and like to make somewhat “healthy” decisions during dinner, make sure to save some calories for dessert. On the menu, yeah you would’ve never guessed it—cheesecake chimichanga anyone? A cross between an Italian cheesecake and Mexican chimichanga, this dessert was absolute bliss. Or, if you’re more of the traditional type, you could always go for the molten lava cake which is definitely nothing short of second-best.

So what can I say, as a sucker for good authentic food, if it’s Mexican you’re craving and you happen to be in the neighborhood, Blue Moon in Englewood is without a doubt worth the visit. And while you’re there, make sure to have a glass of Patron Incendio, the perfect way to end the perfect meal.



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