Beyond The Plate: Holiday Food Tours in Somerville, NJ

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Somerville, NJ, packs over 50 restaurants and bars into just two square miles. Within those borders is a variety of flavors, which are showcased expertly through the “Taste Around the World” by Beyond The Plate Food Tours. Right in the center of New Jersey, Somerville hosts an array of communities, each contributing unique flavors and traditions to the culinary tapestry of the area.

Beyond The Plate Food Tours

Beyond the Plate Food Tours is a team passionate about food and culture. They create special experiences that go beyond just eating out. With a dedicated group rooted in local communities, they connect people through diverse cuisines. Their tours showcase the unique flavors of different cities, offering flavorful adventures that teach about traditions and tastes. Their goal? To turn meals into unforgettable and educational experiences for everyone involved.

Melissa is Beyond The Plate’s Somerville food expert. Living in a multicultural home and community originally sparked her interest in the variety of cuisines that exist beyond the surface level in New Jersey and especially Central Jersey. 

Holiday Food Tours – Somerville Season’s Eatings

Beyond The Plate has something extra festive up their sleeves for the holiday season. Expert tour guide Laura leads foodies through a walking tour of Somerville—making sure to hit all of the most festive spots in town. 

The tour consists of four stops with food and drink tastings at each location. To add to the festivities are take-home treats, Santa hats and holiday-themed garments provided by the tour. The Somerville Business Sponsorship has teamed up with local small businesses to create gift bags for every guest to take home. Each holiday bag consists of an array of local goodies and treats.

The tour will make stops at the craft-beer focused Project Pub, Tapastre, Cafe Picasso for Southern Italian bites and Fresh Tiki for dessert. Verve Restaurant may replace a stop on certain dates. Find out more here

Beyond The Plate also hosts a holiday food tour in Jersey City. The details on that tour can be found here

Taste Around The World: Somerville, NJ

Taste Around the World tour is an immersive journey through global gastronomy, all within the confines of Somerville, NJ. From electric bars to cozy cafes, participants embark on a walking culinary tour, guided by Beyond The Plate. 

The tour serves as an homage to Somerville’s rich cultural mosaic. It offers visitors an array of cuisines, including Thai bites, local Latin-American joints, contemporary American, Italian and more. Each stop embodies a celebration of heritage and pays tribute to the skillful chefs that make up the fabric of Somerville’s diverse culinary sphere. 

Beyond the flavors, the tour fosters meaningful connections. It’s more than just about food; it’s about the people who craft it and the narratives woven into each recipe. Engaging conversations unfold as participants delve into the history and traditions embedded in every mouthful, cultivating a deeper appreciation for the diverse communities that proudly call Somerville home.

Beyond The Plate Food Tours

A highlight of the tour is found on Division Street—which is one of NJ’s sole pedestrian-only malls. The people-centered street is filled with easy access to shops and, of course, plenty of decorations during the holiday season.  

Bringing together both locals and visitors, Taste Around The World aims to create a shared experience that transcends cultural boundaries. As participants sample the diverse flavors, they also relish the warmth of camaraderie, bonding over a universal love for exceptional food.

Somerville’s Taste Around the World food tour isn’t just a culinary escapade; it’s an exploration of culture, community, and the variety of flavors that makes New Jersey—and more specifically, Somerville—a true melting pot. 

Tour Details

Somerville Season’s Eatings begins Thursday, November 30 at 6:00 p.m. and will continue very Thursday until the end of the year. You can reserve your spot on the tour here. Please keep in mind that the Somerville Season’s Eatings only accommodates 10 guests per tour and reservations are going fast! 

For the full list of featured spots, click here.

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