Dining and Entertainment Merge at Marcus Live Bar & Grille by Marcus Samuelsson

by Tom Lavecchia
Marcus Live

Located in the American Dream Mall, Marcus Live isn’t your typical restaurant. It’s more than just a place to eat—it’s a lively spot where food and entertainment come together in a unique way that keeps guests returning again and again. The East Rutherford restaurant comes at the hands of visionary celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. I’ve been eager to check it out since hearing of it some time ago. 

The Marcus Live Ambiance

When you walk in, you feel the energy right away. The place has a modern vibe with brick walls and cool lights. And there’s a stage in the back, hinting at the live music to come. The seating is smartly arranged, with cozy booths for quiet chats and high tables for a livelier atmosphere. Throughout my visit, there was a good playlist playing in the background, adding to the vibe without being distracting.

Global Flavors, Approachable Setting

Now, let’s talk about the food. The menu at Marcus Live is like a trip around the world. Chef Marcus Samuelsson mixes different flavors to create exciting dishes. I started with the snapper ceviche, which comes bathed in a traditional leche de tigre and amarillo sauce. It was tangy and bright, which complimented the mild fish to a tee. 

For my main dish, I went for the miso halibut. Buttery halibut is seared and plated, surrounded by little neck clams, bok choy, mushrooms and blistered tomatoes. The miso sauce brings umami to the dish, which plays off the natural depth present in the blistered tomato. These two elements infuse character into the halibut. This was a star entrée. 

Dinner and a Show 

As I ate, the excitement in the air grew. The staff got more animated, and soon a band appeared on stage. They played a mix of R&B and jazz, and the whole atmosphere changed. People stopped talking and started listening. It felt like we were all part of something special.

The dessert, chocolate tres leches cake with raspberry crunchies was the perfect ending to the night. Rich, creamy chocolate cake with tangy raspberry. It’s simple, but delicious.

Overall, Marcus Live isn’t just a restaurant—it’s an experience that beckons guests with dinner and a show. The food is great, but it’s the combination of food and music that makes it special. It’s a place where you can enjoy good food, good music, and good company all at once.

Highly Recommend For

  • Diners seeking a unique and innovative dining experience with global flavors.
  • Patrons who appreciate live music and vibrant atmospheres.
  • Groups looking for a fun and dynamic outing that combines

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