Blu on the Hudson: A Romantic Night with Stunning Views and Exquisite Tastes

by Tom Lavecchia
Blu On The Hudson

Blu on the Hudson sets the stage for a perfect date night with its delectable cuisine, impeccable service, and breathtaking views of the New York City skyline. From your table at Blu, you can witness the magic of the city bathed in the warm glow of the evening lights.

Culinary Journey: A Feast for the Senses

Our experience began with a delightful exploration of an eclectic modern American menu, that had our taste buds wanting more. This is a fantastic way to delve into the creativity and expertise of the culinary team at Blu.  Their wine expert Adam Greer also selected the wine pairings, and he did not disappoint.

While the specifics of their menu will vary depending on seasonal ingredients, we loved their range of dining options from an amazing seafood tower to top tier steaks.  We had a Sousa Lopes Alvarinho white which pairs perfectly with the Spanish white anchovies  

The decanted 1999 Easton Zinfandel hints towards richer, bolder flavors later in the meal, paired well with our Delmonico steak.  And to finish on a sweet note, the Alvear Pedro Ximenez sherry with tiramisu sounds like an absolute dream – a perfect way to end a truly special meal.

Drinks: Complementing Every Course

The selection of wines throughout the evening demonstrates a keen understanding of food and wine pairing through their Rockstar Sommelier Adam Greer. The sparkling Pinot Meunier from Stromberg-Zaubergau was likely a light and refreshing choice to begin the meal. The Alvarinho most likely added a touch of brightness and acidity to complement the boquerones. The Zinfandel paired as a bold and robust companion to the richer savory courses.  As always, Adam Greer crushed it with this pick (pun intended).

Finally, the Pedro Ximenez sherry, a sweet and nutty fortified wine, is a classic pairing for tiramisu, its richness echoing the creamy dessert.

Beyond the Food: Setting the Mood

While the delectable cuisine is undoubtedly a highlight, the ambience at Blu on the Hudson is sure to elevate your date night even further. The elegant atmosphere, coupled with the stunning NYC views, creates a truly romantic and unforgettable setting.

Overall, your experience at Blu on the Hudson paints a picture of a truly special evening. From the exquisite omakase menu to the expertly chosen drinks and the breathtaking views, everything seems to have come together perfectly to create a memorable date night.  Check out Blu on the Hudson and tell Adam that New Jersey Digest sent you.

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