19 Best To-Go Cocktails in New Jersey (2021 Guide)

by Jordan Hutchinson
to-go cocktails in New Jersey

One of the best parts of going to a local restaurant or bar is buying a cocktail that you can’t make at home. But that’s not the case anymore. On May 15th 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed into legislation a temporary allowance for certain New Jersey businesses to sell to-go cocktails and other beverages. As is typical of New Jerseyans, restaurants and bars across the state ran away with inventive ideas, and some businesses even petitioned to legalize this mandate in the long-term. Since takeout is all the rage these days, it’s never been easier to add one of these delicious mixed drinks (or kits) to your order. This list highlights 19 New Jersey restaurants and bars that are serving killer to-go cocktails right now.

1. Cellar 335 — Jersey City

This tiki-style bar is well-known for their whimsical cocktails. Every mixed drink is visually stunning and tasty. The next time get takeout from Cellar 335, add one of their 10 delicious cocktails to your order. Libations such as Dry Bones, Mai Tai, or Lost @ Sea will have you running on island time before you know it.

house-bottled mixed drinks in Jersey City

Bottled to-go cocktails from Cellar 335 in Jersey City, New Jersey | @cellar335

2. Bibi’z Restaurant and Lounge — Westwood

This health-focused restaurant in Westwood has won awards for its cocktail menu. Bibi’z offers nine cocktails on their menu, each with an unexpected twist. The “basil-orange karma-rita” is a fresh take on the classic margarita, and the fig mule gives this effervescent drink a deeper flavor. 

3. Barrio Costero — Asbury Park

With a name meaning “coastal neighborhood” Barrio Costero pays homage to its hometown of Asbury Park as well as its Mexican and Aztec roots. Mixologist Jamie Dodge handles the drinks, and he’s put together 11 house cocktails, a margarita kit, and five to-go cocktails. Get a classic bottled marg for two, a Mexican cream tequila with hints of coffee and vanilla, or another of these handcrafted mixed drinks.

to-go cocktails in New Jersey

Spicy margarita, Jalisco is burning, and classic margarita bottled cocktails from Barrio Costero in Asbury Park, New Jersey | @barriocosteroap

4. Tapastre — Somerville

This tapas restaurant specializes in small plates and mouth-watering drinks. Tapastre’s award-winning cocktail menu ranges from hearty flavors like bourbon in the Prohibitionist and the Bourbon Cherry Sling to fruit-forward drinks like the Somerville Sour, pineapple margarita, and pomegranate martini.

5. Low Fidelity — Jersey City 

Low Fidelity, aptly nicknamed LoFi, has their to-go pizza and cocktail game on lock. Browse their cold and hot mixed drink menu for a variety of flavor profiles. Each drink has a welcome simplicity to its appearance that pairs well with their bright ingredients. Citrus, fresh herbs, and honey are common notes among their cold cocktail menu, while their hot ones center on warm spices.

house-bottled mixed drinks in Jersey City

Two sleek to-go cocktails from Low Fidelity in Jersey City, New Jersey | @lowfidelitybar

6. Halcyon Brasserie & Bar — Montclair

Despite its casual appearance, this bar serves a variety of upscale foods and cocktails. Whether you’re ordering a brasserie plate or a dish from the raw bar, add one of Halcyon’s nine to-go cocktail options to your ticket. The mixed drink menu ranges from the refreshing Halcyon Days, to fruity sangria, and the tart paloma. 

7. BarBacoa — Summit

Slow-cooked Mexican barbecue and out of this world tacos are essentials on the BarBacoa menu. This Mexican restaurant puts out delicious food paired with killer drinks. The Mexican Daisy cocktail kit lets you take home one liter of fresh and flowery margaritas. BarBacoa also offers five bottled cocktails, perfect for to-go meals, and each bottle contains two servings.

to-go cocktails in New Jersey

Adorable Oaxacan old-fashioned and Mexican daisy to-go cocktails from BarBacoa in Summit, New Jersey | @barbacoanj

8. Talula’s Pizza — Asbury Park 

Talula’s has a strong message of warmth, comfort, and inclusivity at the core of their restaurant. But to cut all that warmth, you’ll need an ice-cold beverage to pair with your slice. Between the brunch and bar cocktail menus, Talula’s offers 13 different mixed drinks. If you’re ordering online, you can even pick a large four-for-one cocktail to bring home.

9. Fox & Crow — Jersey City

Based on the fable of the same name, Fox & Crow is putting an exciting spin on to-go cocktails. The pub has created signature blends of warm and fruity flavors in their five bottled mixed drinks. Fox & Crow also offers Mexican spiced hot chocolate and toasty Thai coconut cocktail kits that are perfect for a small group.

house-bottled mixed drinks in Jersey City

The weird sister to-go cocktail from Fox & Crow in Jersey City, New Jersey | @foxandcrowjc

10. The Irving Inn Social — Rahway

The Irving Inn’s to-go cocktail menu proudly displays old-fashioned drinks with eclectic ingredients. Lychee, honey thyme syrup, lychee liquor, and honey rosemary simple syrup all feature in one or more of the seven handcrafted drinks on the menu. Better yet, each cocktail serves two, so they won’t be gone too fast. 

11. Reyla — Asbury Park

This restaurant takes small bites and modern Mediterranean cuisine to the next level. When you’re ordering to share, drinks are a must. Reyla offers four of their house-bottled cocktails with to-go orders. The chocolate negroni bumps up the understated sweetness of this drink, and Jalisco is Burning will set your tongue on fire. Whatever you decide, each bottle has enough for two to three people.

to-go cocktails new jersey

A delicious, bottled, chocolate negroni to-go cocktail from Reyla in Asbury Park, New Jersey | @heyreyla

12. Northern Soul — Hoboken

Northern Soul is making sure that you can enjoy your favorite foods and cocktails at home with their rockin’ to-go menu. Their beverage list is seasonal, and each mixed drink is meticulously curated. Cling to the holiday spirit with a spiced Christmas Cookie cocktail or a Spicy Santa. You can even swap in one of their three hot cocktails, perfect for to-go dinners on cold winter nights.

13. Summit House — Summit

This elegant restaurant aims to put New Jersey-sourced ingredients, fresh seafood, and craft cocktails on your table with their to-go menu. Each of the five seasonal cocktails at Summit House has a witty name and a kick to boot. For an immune booster, try the Penicillin cocktail filled with honey, ginger, and citrus. Or try Blood & Spice, a deep and dark blood-orange drink with the addictive heat of jalapeño.

to-go cocktails new jersey

Gorgeous cocktails from Summit House in Summit, New Jersey | @summithousenj

14. Halcyon Brasserie & Bar — Montclair

Despite its casual appearance, this bar serves a variety of upscale foods and cocktails. Whether you’re ordering a brasserie plate or a dish from the raw bar, add one of Halcyon’s nine to-go cocktail options to your ticket. The mixed drink menu ranges from the refreshing Halcyon Days to fruity sangria, and the tart Paloma. 

15. Osteria Crescendo — Westwood 

Well-known New Jersey chef Robbie Felice is serving up Italian inspired to-go cocktails at his second restaurant, Osteria Crescendo. The family-style meals pair well with both halves of the drink menu: classics and creations. On the classics menu, you’ll find the old fashioned, the Aperol spritz, margaritas, and other familiar flavors. The creations menu offers tastes of Italy with prosecco, cassis, and amaro playing leading roles.

to-go cocktails in New Jersey

A stunning line-up of tantalizing cocktails at Osteria Crescendo in Westwood, New Jersey | @osteriacrescendo

16. Franklin Social — Jersey City

Inspired by the legacy of Ben Franklin, Franklin Social is an American-style restaurant and bar. The menu boasts classics from across the United States and influences from a variety of cultures. Their drink menu is inspired by tastes from the American Revolution. Their Torchlight and Wit & Wisdom cocktails are deep and spicy, and their hot beverages are sure to pack a punch in your to-go order.

17. Dullboy — Jersey City   

Cocktails are the star of the to-go menu at Dullboy. They specially can and bottle their own mixed drinks and seltzers. Dullboy offers peach, grapefruit, blood orange, and passion fruit “ponyboy” cocktails with the option to buy a four-pack of any flavors you like. If you’re looking for more than just one drink, buy a bottle of The Francesca, The Ruth, or The Leanne for savory notes and spices.

house-bottled mixed drinks in Jersey City

Craft cocktails bottle and ready for your to-go order at Dullboy in Jersey City, New Jersey | @dullboybar

17. Hearth & Tap Co. — Montvale 

Known for its comfort food and seasonal dishes, Hearth & Tap Co. also has a knockout list of 11 to-go cocktails on its menu. Browse through whimsical options like Titos on TapCapri Sun served in a juice pouchor settle down for a bottle of aged Negroni. That’s right, HATCO ages some of their signature adult beverages. 

18. Porta — Jersey City & Asbury Park

At Porta’s two New Jersey locations, their cocktails are a to-go exclusive. Porta in Jersey City offers three mixed drinks, each containing two servings. Porta Asbury Park has 10 to-go cocktail options including classics like the Bloody Mary and special recipes like the Merry Margarita.

house-bottled mixed drinks in Jersey City

A rainbow of to-go cocktails from Porta in Jersey City and Asbury Park, New Jersey | @pizzaporta

19. The ChopHouse — Gibbsboro

This steak house is serving up succulent cuts every day, and nothing goes better with a piece of steak than a vibrant cocktail. Each drink on the ChopHouse cocktail menu is handcrafted. The three staples, the pineapple ChopHouse martini, the plank-smoked old fashioned, and the blood orange margarita are always on the menu. Their seasonal options, including a pear mimosa and spiced reposado, are only available until the end of winter.

Which of these New Jersey to-go cocktails are you trying first? Let us know in the comments below.

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