12 of the Most Trendy Cafes in New Jersey

by Andrea Mora Rios

From the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to the coziness of a chic interior- everyone loves a local cafe. But while every coffee-obsessed New Jerseyan has a favorite local spot, some are just a cut above the rest when it comes to aesthetics. Here, I detail 12 trendy cafes in New Jersey that offer delicious food and coffee artwork but boast an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that just might make it to your Instagram reels. Whether you’re just visiting for a coffee or study break, these cafes are perfect for those who want to snap some pictures or are attracted to visually-appealing interiors!

1. Boho Cafe, Montclair

Photo by Andrea Mora Rios

Whether you’re looking for a chic study break from school or just a cafe to take a new profile pic, Boho Cafe in Montclair has it all. From aesthetically pleasing decor and friendly faces to sweet, mellow coffee and pastries, Boho Cafe is a locally-owned business that offers an aesthetic that few trendy New Jersey cafes possess.

Upon my first visit to Boho Cafe, their staff provided me with thoughtful recommendations on what to order. I decided to treat myself to a Vanilla Cappuccino along with an apple turnover— a perfect refreshment to end the day! Aside from the coffee and pastry, the interior of the cafe is a bohemian design style. This style refers to a free-spirited, natural decor with combinations of textures, prints, and warm, bright colors.

From the menu, interior design, and inviting atmosphere this shop has to offer, Boho Cafe is a great spot to stop by when visiting the Montclair area.

2. Coperaco Cafe, Harrison

cafes to study in new jersey

Photo by Andrea Mora Rios

Located in Harrison, Coperaco Cafe is a charming place to visit to grab a bite, have a coffee break, and simply unwind.

When stepping into the cafe, you can see the bright, rustic meets modern interior design this cafe has to offer. The gorgeous interior makes it a magnificent place to snap some pictures throughout the area. The combination of modern rustic and pop of bright green from plants scattered throughout the cafe creates a trendy earthy design aesthetic. Not to mention, the popular treehouse that is a hidden gem from Coperaco Cafe. Make sure to find their trending attraction which is camouflaged located on the second floor of the coffee shop! 

After having a mini photoshoot and getting some work done, treat yourself to Coperaco Cafe’s espresso bar, which includes a variety of hot and cold drinks. This consists of espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, mocha, cold brew, iced latte, and much more.

3. Cafe Vista, Hoboken

trendy coffee shops in nj

Photo by Andrea Mora Rios

If you’re in the Jersey City area, stop by Cafe Vista to grab a bite, sip some coffee, and enjoy the classic cafe aesthetic this coffee shop has to offer. 

They use fresh ingredients and brew coffee from finely-roasted coffee beans. When entering Cafe Vista, you can notice timeless decoration designs displayed all around the shop. The delicate silverware, beautiful picture frame, and subtle pattern, give the cafe an elegant, vintage, and modern feel. 

When visiting Cafe Vista for the first time, I ordered a Vanilla Latte with a chocolate croissant. However, I did notice Cafe Vista’s popular drink was the “Rose Latte”. The Rose Latte is made with steamed milk, rose tea, and rose water, and decorated with safe-to-eat rose petals on top. This popular drink is one of their trendy attractions.

rose latte in nj

Photo by Cafe Vista

The Rose Latte was the prettiest drink I’ve ever seen and I’m going to have to try it next time I stop by the area!

4. Beechwood Cafe, Jersey City

trendy cafes near me

Photo by Cafe Beechwood Cafe

Also located in Jersey City, Beechwood Cafe is a cozy stop for those looking for a coffee, breakfast, brunch, or dinner run.

With their wide range of menu options, you’ll be able to eat delicious food and enjoy the interior design layout Beechwood Cafe has to offer! Their modern industrial decor allows the cafe to reach its edgy style. The wooden tables, bold-colored chairs, printed wallpaper, and warm tones tie the cozy cafe together. Consider stopping by to grab a bite, get some drinks, read a book, and visit the area with lots of shops nearby! Not to mention the proximity to Hoboken the cafe is nearby. 

Next time you’re taking a stroll around the area, be sure to visit Beechwood Cafe, and don’t forget to snap some pictures along the way!

5. Sugar Tree Cafe, Nutley

best cafes in montclair

Photo by @sugartreecafe

If you’re an avid cafe-goer in North Jersey, you’ve probably seen or heard about this spot already. If not, let me introduce you to Sugar Tree Cafe!

Located in Nutley, Sugar Tree Cafe offers more than your average coffee and croissant experience. Their trendsetting atmosphere offers various photo opportunities due to the cafe’s floral ambiance. There is also a tree in the middle of the cafe with bright colorful leaves hanging from the ceiling. The tree is decorated differently throughout the year, especially during holidays, creating a different scenery at the cafe!

Sugar Tree Cafe also offers private events that differ from regular hours. This cafe is perfect for brunch with friends, family, or simply just for pictures. If you happen to be in the area, make sure to visit this garden-inspired cafe, as it offers aesthetically appealing food presentations. From its dainty, beautiful latte art to mouth-watering food options, Sugar Tree Cafe is exceptional for creating content ideas. 

Be sure to also check out their social media for updates and events, especially during the holiday season!

6. Wild Pink Cafe, Palisades Park

hippy cafe nj

Photo by Wild Pink Cafe

If your favorite color is pink, this cafe may be one to visit! 

Wild Pink Cafe recently opened its doors in 2021 and has quickly garnered popularity for those who want to take photo content— they even offer a photo booth with props. 

The floral, brightly colored cafe is an Insta-worthy spot due to the visually appealing design displayed throughout the coffee shop. Along with the pink interior, there are also pops of olive green and white marbled furniture that allow the cafe to reach its bold, colorful style. 

Want to check out the trendsetting environment for yourself? Grab a croffle, a combination of a croissant and waffle, and a cup of coffee, and enjoy the vibes at Wild Pink Cafe while snapping some pictures! 

7. Rey Sol Coffee, Ridgewood

Photo by Rey Sol Coffee

Located in charming Ridgewood, New Jersey, Rey Sol Coffee originates from Colombia. They are a family-owned and operated coffee shop that dates back to 1966. Their menu options include Empanadas, Pan de Bono, Arepa de Choclo, and much more. They also offer Rey Sol specialty coffees which include S’mores latte, Espresso Bombon, and Affogato. Rey Sol Coffee offers seasonal drinks as well, hot or iced coffee, and desserts too. Their cozy coffee shop is beautifully designed, providing the highest quality coffee, and embracing their Colombian roots. 

With that being said, who wouldn’t want to stay at this cozy coffee shop for a while? 

From the moment you step into this cafe, you’ll be sure to smell the rich aroma of roasted coffee beans. Warm and toasty in this modern rustic cafe would be amazing for anyone looking for a trendy, Insta-worthy spot! 

8. Sunday Motor Co. Cafe, Madison

Photo by Sunday Motor Co. Cafe

Sunday Motor Co Cafe is an automotive-inspired cafe that combines the interests of cars and cafes! 

Their interior is a cute cafe setting with a remarkable, minimalistic layout. Perfect to take pictures, unwind, or even just vibe and chill.

They offer a wide range of menu options, such as coffee, beverages, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and much more. They also strive for local, organic, and fresh ingredients whenever possible, as stated in their menu at the bottom. 

This unique cafe also offers special events to check out cool and vintage cars that are parked in front of the cafe!

9. CLO Coffee Co., Edison, and Jersey City

CLO Coffee Co. located in Edison and Jersey City focuses on spreading kindness with every cup of coffee. 

CLO Coffee Co. values positivity and encourages people to take action by performing an act of kindness. What makes this cafe stand out is its peaceful layout and welcoming atmosphere. 

When entering the cafe, the interior style is very clean and sleek. The distinct cafe is minimalistic and has black and white colored walls and brown leather seats. It also has a few palm trees scattered around the cafe to add a pop of green color. CLO Coffee Co has a stunning interior and is extraordinary for anyone interested in visiting the trendy cafe to snap some pictures!

Along with the visually appealing decor, CLO Coffee Co. allows visitors to enjoy their coffee break experience by continuing to spread kindness. Make sure to check out their social media to learn more about CLO Coffee Co.

10. Cafe Volan, Asbury Park

Whether you’re looking for a coffee or study break in a rustic-chic cafe, this may be the one for you! Located in Asbury Park, Cafe Volan offers a modern, cozy interior. The wooden tables, delicate green plants added as decor, and dainty coffee artwork gives the cafe a relaxing vibe. The atmosphere of this cafe is friendly and welcoming, perfect for those who need a coffee break, need a space to do some work, or even take some pictures for content. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to visit Cafe Volan, and don’t forget to snap a photo of your coffee artwork!

11. Small World Cafe, Princeton

Searching for a local cafe in Central Jersey? 

Small World Cafe is a locally owned cafe, serving in the historic Princeton community since 1993. They offer a range of specialty coffees and add beautiful coffee artwork to any order. 

Small World Cafe has two locations in Princeton, New Jersey. While both locations offer different menu options and hours of operation, both cafes express a homelike, comfortable atmosphere. 

The cafe located on Nassau Street provides cozy indoor seating and a modern, outdoor closed patio for anyone interested in outdoor seating. Small World Cafe, located on Witherspoon, offers a great space with enough seats for people to be able to enjoy their refreshments.

Next time you’re taking a tour of Princeton, make sure to stop by and visit this historic cafe!

12. Endgrain Coffee Roasters, Pitman

If you are interested in tasting artisan drinks by expert baristas, you’ll need to check out this cafe in South Jersey! Specifically located in Pitman, New Jersey, Endgrain Coffee Roasters began in 2015. This cafe creates expertly roasted coffees to make sure people receive a unique and delightful experience. Endgrain Coffee Roasters uses their own high-quality blend to be able to provide an exceptional coffee journey to all. With that said, when entering Endgrain Coffee Roasters, you will be able to smell the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. The interior of this cafe is clean, sleek, and minimalistic. This small cafe is ideal for those who like a simple modern design. Delicate coffee artwork is also provided when a cup of coffee is ordered! 

If you’re ever in South Jersey and need a coffee break, feel free to stop by Endgrain Coffee Roasters and feel free to check out their social media!

Have a trendy New Jersey cafe not on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Albert Arbelo October 7, 2022 - 11:02 am

As nice as Beechwood Cafe is, I wouldn’t put them over Bwe Kafe (Hoboken and Jersey City locations). You should really check them out. Such a great shop, story and people.

Patti OBrien October 9, 2022 - 2:55 am

Aren’t there any cafes in Central and Southern NJ??? Is NJ Digest about the entire state or really just what’s close to NEW YORK???

Patrice October 13, 2022 - 9:29 am


Ward Davis October 16, 2022 - 9:10 pm

Double Ditto.

Ward Davis October 16, 2022 - 9:08 pm

Duh. North Jersey is just NYC with trees. Stay up there
We don’t want you city slickers in SOUTH Jersey!

Mike October 22, 2022 - 11:13 am

Nice list! I have a really good add. California Cold co. in manalapan. Very cool vibe. Unique brews and amazing toasts.

Jo October 26, 2022 - 7:05 am

Ditto. I was really excited to find something in the Manalapan area. Nothing.

S March 6, 2023 - 2:27 pm

You forgot about ambee coffee!


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