RPM Raceway in Jersey City Reopens

by Dyquan Waters

New Jersey is now home to the world’s largest indoor multi-level race-karting track. RPM Raceway’s remodel features an all-new, state-of-the-art facility equipped with two large racetracks (with the ability to be combined into a third track), a full-sized arcade including Virtual Reality experiences and beloved titles like Halo, Tomb Raider, and Mario Kart, and a trackside cafe slated to open later this year. RPM’s new fleet features the latest model from Italian electric kart manufacturer, OTL. The design is super sleek–with reverse and turbo gear options, a digital dashboard, and comfortable upholstery.

A representative from RPM said the company “decided to move forward with its first-ever major, multimillion-dollar renovation, designated to enhance its flagship Jersey City location, the strongest performing venue in the RPM portfolio.”

Racetrack | Photo provided by RPM

“This next-generation multi-level racing concept is not only incredible but demonstrates RPM Raceway’s passion and commitment to improving the overall entertainment and hospitality experience of its guests,” the team told me during my recent visit. “This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Jersey City community.”

The change comes after the pandemic when “RPM Raceway wanted to invest in its venues and enhance the guest experience to get business booming once again,” RPM stated. As a result, RPM Raceway created three adjustable and separate go-kart tracks and, when combined, created the one-of-a-kind RPM MEGA-TRACK – the world’s longest go-karting track at more than 2,200 feet with a 72-second lap time.

Up to 16 adult racers and 12 juniors can compete for the crown as the fastest player. Winners may vary by lap. However, the one to pass the finish line first–wins. This makes for a great experience for groups of adults, young people, and thrill-seekers in between.

For some, it is more than just a good time. Several folks use karting facilities to train for a professional career, some aspiring to compete in pro racing leagues.

Racer | Photo provided by RPM

They invited me to hop in the driver’s seat and form an opinion of my own. When I visited, I found the ride to be exhilarating. It remained smooth even as the kart made sudden and sharp turns. The intense 90-degree turns and twisty ramps make for a unique and riveting experience to be remembered. I was a lead character in the latest of the Fast and Furious series.

Once the joyride came to an end, everyone rushed to the stats displayed on a monitor nearby.  For an additional $10, racers can also buy a recording of their ride. As no phones are allowed on the track, this is the best way to take your content to the next level with a cinematic highlight reel.

In the near future, RPM plans to add a trackside bar & grill, which will have a panoramic, 360-degree view of all three tracks. A representative remarked that the company also plans to “remodel [their] other four locations throughout the Northeast, which include Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY; Farmingdale (Long Island), NY; Poughkeepsie, NY; and Stamford, CT.”.

RPM Owners cut ribbon on go karts

Ribbon Cutting | Photo provided by RPM

“Having hosted over 2 million races to date, RPM Raceway has roots in Jersey City and throughout the tri-state area. 12 years ago, Eyal Farage (pictured left), Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of RPM Raceway, and his family introduced the greater New York area to kart racing as a form of experiential entertainment. Ever since, Eyal has been committed to making his five RPM Raceway locations the best electric indoor karting destinations in America.”

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