5 Movies to Look Forward to When Theaters Reopen

by Christian Milcos

In the midst of one of the more unprecedented times in America’s history, people have been devoid of one of the biggest escapes from reality; going to the movie theater. While drive-in theaters are heavily rumored to make a return imminently, crowded movie theaters might not be approaching an opening as soon. Not unlike most leisure activities nowadays, the moviegoing experience as we know it may change forever. 

The film industry has undoubtedly been one of the most affected businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Big-name movie theater chains such as Regal Cinemas are reportedly at-risk of filing for bankruptcy with crowds being held up in their homes. AMC Entertainment, for instance, has shuttered 630 U.S. theaters as a result of the executive order banning large gatherings.

Even so, one thing for certain is that films which are well into production will see the light of day at one point or another. Some lower budget films have had their theater releases scratched in favor of an accessible, instant streaming release. Blumhouse Productions’ “The Invisible Man” was one picture that reaped the benefits of an instant streaming release amidst the coronavirus craziness.

There is something to be said for losing that theater experience, however. There are some films which are simply made to be enjoyed in the dark while enjoying overpriced soda and popcorn, with a crowd oozing palatable excitement in tow. This is the crux of the issue for movie studios with big releases on the horizon. It is reasonable to assume that with this type of film, audiences will merely have one contest to take part in; the waiting game. 

Without further delay, here are five movies that will draw the most appreciative of crowds when this prolonged intermission comes to an end.

1. “Wonder Woman 1984”

August 14, 2020

Nothing says cinema event like an action-packed superhero flick. “Wonder Woman 1984” is a direct sequel to a rare success for DC Comics’ properties in the film industry. In a day in age where film studios rely heavily on big-budget sequels, it was not a surprise that the next installment in Diana Prince’s journey was announced a mere month after the release of its predecessor.

2017’s “Wonder Woman” is widely considered to be DC Comics’ best venture in the movie industry to date. Many touted the clear chemistry between the film’s leads, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, as a highlight of the viewing experience. The first movie was also a revolutionary one for the film industry at large. Between Hollywood’s two most profitable superhero universes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, it was the first picture to feature a female in the leading role. 

More than likely to be strewn with ‘80s nostalgia, “Wonder Woman 1984” will reunite Prince with her lover, Steve Trevor. With a media giant and a friend-turned-foe rounding out the cast of villains, the stage is set for this sequel to captivate audiences once again. 

The film is currently set to hit theaters on August 14, 2020. However, due to the pandemic, this film has been no stranger to release date changes. The viewing public can only wait and see if theaters reopen in time for this blockbuster to see the light of day this summer. 

 2. “A Quiet Place Part II”

September 4, 2020

Following the surprising success of 2018’s “A Quiet Place,” “A Quiet Place Part II” will see the first film’s star-studded cast and production team reunite once again. Michael Bay and John Krasinski, facilitator of optimism during this trying time, headline the behind the camera crew. Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy and a few flashback appearances from a deceased Krasinski will see top billing in promotional materials.

“A Quiet Place” became well-known for its unique style of production. Provided the looming threat that came with talking in the dark world that the series is set in, the production team relied on other means to communicate the plot. Thus, the first movie is a masterclass in music production and sound editing, both of which earned Academy and Golden Globe Award nominations.

The Hudson Valley-based production for the sequel saw a return of this nonverbal, powerful form of communication. The surviving members of the Abbot family will face a new threat that will call for adaptation and innovation for them to see another day.

There was perhaps no other film that had been more affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than, “A Quiet Place Part II.” Early screenings began on March 8, 2020 with a worldwide release scheduled for shortly thereafter. Initial reviews were overwhelmingly positive, only pushing the hype for this movie to an even higher level.

The updated release date is currently September 4, 2020. 

3. “The Beatles: Get Back”

September 4, 2020

When Walt Disney Studios acquired the rights to distribute the upcoming documentary, “The Beatles: Get Back,” it became clear to the moviegoing public that this film presents the potential to be special. Acclaimed director of films in the fantasy genre, Peter Jackson, steps out of his comfort zone in helming this anticipated project. 

“The Beatles: Get Back” will be released in the midst of a trend of Grammy Award-winning groups nostalgia in Hollywood. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” released in 2018, beautifully brought audiences back to when Freddy Mercury’s zaniness ruled the headlines. Jackson’s upcoming release will take a different approach in hoping to generate this type of reaction through a documentary style of filmmaking. 

This documentary’s claim to fame is that it will feature never-before-seen footage of the Beatles recording their notorious 1970 album, “Let It Be.” Other positive notes include the full backing of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, in addition to a promise that it will depict the true, raw relationship of the band members.

The weekend of September 4, 2020 is lining up to be stacked one for Hollywood. “The Beatles: Get Back” is also slated to see a U.S. release on the first Friday of September barring the reopening of theaters by that point. 

4. “Candyman”

September 25, 2020


Following two successful endeavors in the horror film genre space, Jordan Peele’s “Candyman” will look to engage movie fans once again.

After almost 20 years, audiences will finally see the next installment in the “Candyman” franchise. Similar to Peele’s other stabs at filmmaking, expect social commentary to take precedent in this release. This word-of-mouth ghost story turned “Exorcist”-esque possession plot line should have movie connoisseurs electrified around the time of its release.

In sticking with the theme of COVID-affected release dates, “Candyman” is no different. It was originally slated to hit theaters in mid-June but that date was pushed back to September 25, 2020. 

5. “No Time to Die”

November 25, 2020

The next installment in the James Bond saga will see two actors coming off of films which received rave reviews, unite. Daniel Craig (“Knives Out”) and Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) are set to potentially portray a rivalry that has been 60 years in the making. 

In terms of plot, many have speculated that this film’s villain will connect to Dr. No; a fan favorite from Ian Fleming’s 1958 novel in addition to being the haunting, first on-screen Bond villain. Malek, who is set to portray the antagonist in “No Time to Die,” said in a recent interview with “Esquire,” “I heard that. Am I? I mean, isn’t that an exciting thing to consider all the way up to the release?”

Another headline that has fans buzzing is the return of Craig in the role. His ‘edgy’ portrayal of the icon has garnered much praise since taking over the role in 2006.

Due to the pandemic, a myriad of pushed back film releases will culminate in a stacked fall slate of movies. Rounding this schedule out will be “No Time to Die” which is lined up to hit cinemas on November 25, 2020 in the U.S.

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