Free Virtual Coaching with Houseplay Renovations

by Michael Scivoli

Personal environments are tricky things. They can facilitate connection and foster productivity, or they can outright discourage motivation and diminish spirit. A well-organized living room with a comfortable ambiance can bring you closer to your family while also giving you a dynamic space to work. Adversely, a cluttered kitchen can deter you from getting creative and tackling that cool recipe you’ve always wanted to try.

Whatever the circumstances, social distancing has forced us all to look at how our space affects the way we live more than ever before.  While quarantine has certainly halted many major construction projects,  there’s still plenty we can do to shape things up (and plenty to envision for the future). So, why not have a pro lend a hand?

In addition to the design-build remodeling work they offer in the local area, Tamara Templeman, co-founder of Houseplay Renovations, has also been offering virtual coaching sessions for the past year. Under our current circumstances though, she is hosting a free virtual group coaching session on ZOOM at 2 p.m. ET today (Wednesday, April 1). During this group session, she will answer questions you have about your space which can be both immediate or long term. Last week, Houseplay hosted their first group ZOOM, where they tackled topics like furniture layout, countertop clutter and how to make rooms more enjoyable without renovating.

“In this unusual time, we are taking a step back to see how we can best support our clients and all of you out there who are spending a lot more time than usual at home,” Tamara said via Facebook Live. “Homes are what we do best. While we have to slow down on the construction side of our work, we are ramping up the virtual services that we offer. One of the virtual services that we offer–that’s so fun and that I am so excited to be launching again–are these free virtual coaching calls. We’re calling them virtual Houseplay for now. We hope that you’ll come play with us!”

To register for Houseplay Renovations’ free virtual coaching call on ZOOM, click here.

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