12 New Jersey Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following

by Michelle Coneo

Fashion isn’t an art easy to master, but it can definitely be fun! At The Digest, we understand the struggle in finding the outfit that defines you. In fact, discovering your own style with the same old wardrobe can be challenging. But suffer no more, we are here to rescue you and offer you some fresh, local inspiration. Check out these 12 New Jersey fashion influencers that know how to dress up—regardless of the occasion. 

1. @kerifay

This New Jersey influencer makes sure to get the most out of the basics in her closet. Her fashion style varies from dressing up her outfits with oversized blazers and white tees to dressing down sunny summer dresses with sneakers. In essence,  Keri Fay’s stylish profile will be the perfect tool for date night outfits and streetwear of any kind. 

New Jersey fashion influencers


2. @caitlynwarakomski

Caitlyn Warakomski’s style is free-spirited with a hint of bohemian flair. While the Jersey City influencer often sports oversized clothes, she never forsakes fashion for comfort—or vice versa. In fact, Warakomski will teach you how to make every ensemble seem effortless while looking trendy. 

fashion influencers in New Jersey


3. @denny623

For starters, as a declared vintage lover, Denny Balmaceda knows how to live up to the title. This menswear fashion blogger doesn’t shy away from flared pants and bold prints. As a matter of fact, Balmaceda takes his followers through decade-defining fashion trends with authentic pieces from different eras. Meanwhile, he incorporates both new and thrifted clothes to complete his artsy, sophisticated look.

NJ fashion influencers


4. @lovefashionfriends

If you are looking for versatility, Dileiny Rodriguez Baron will be your go-to inspiration. In short, she’s is aware that having a busy schedule can get in the way of having a well-put-together outfit. So, her style varies from functional and casual to elegant. Baron certainly knows how to rock high-top sneakers with blazers, but loves to accessorize dresses—all while keeping it on a budget. Her partnerships include retailers such as Walmart, White House Black Market and Nordstrom.

New Jersey fashion influencers


5. @chocolateandcheeseplease

Megha proves to her followers that dressing up doesn’t need to be complicated. When it comes to fashion, this blogger’s style shines from casual to sophisticated every once in a while. Why choose between one or the other? In truth, she loves to keep everything simple—including her recipes, which you can also find her on profile. Megha’s page is perfect for food-lovers and fashion newbies alike.


6. @nicoleneissany

From wide-brimmed hats to flowy dresses, Neissany makes boho-chic look easy. Her effortless, cozy style can show you how to wear loungewear without looking like a hot mess. Also, her page is full of useful tips on how to mix different outfit items for every season. In other words, she’s a woman that knows how to get the most out of her looks.


7. @anums_aesthetic

This New Jersey blogger is well-versed in the art of being classy. As a matter of fact, her page‘s focus on modest fashion will tempt you to try out flare tops and bottoms, prints, and lots of different textures. Anum is also skilled in the accessories department, effortlessly pairing sunglasses and jewelry with every outfit without looking “overdressed.”


8. @lovelylifebylaylay

Of all the New Jersey fashion influencers,  Annaliese Layton will help you rock anything on a budget and reminds her followers that fashion is not limited to a specific size. Her simple, versatile looks are easy to replicate and fit for every occasion. In fact, whether you are going to the gym or need a dinner-with-his-parents kind of fit, she is exactly who you need to follow.


9. @allipetrone 

Alli Petrone is a Hoboken-based fashion blogger who loves soft sweaters and trendy outfits. Without a doubt, Petrone’s style is very feminine and versatile—it embraces unique patterns and fringed textures. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, her fashionable ideas will help you catch everyone’s eye.


10. @abstractsmile

Surely, dressing up can often be put to the side when raising a child. However, Stephanie Valeria Demetrios is a New Jersey fashion influencer embracing her love for clothing and motherhood all at once. Demetrios’ fashion often displays the pride she takes in her Latino roots. As a result, she pairs her styles with bold colors and vibrant patterns, together with fearless make-up looks.


11. @kchakonis 

Who isn’t a fan of cozy? Surely, this New Jersey blogger prioritizes comfort in her looks while wearing more than just loungewear. That is to say, she loves to style her outfits with flannels and roomy cardigans. After all, Kristina Chakonis’ profile will be the ideal guide for anyone looking for simplistic, edgy looks with a dash of boho-chic. 


12. @anniecurtis

If you are looking to learn how to play around with accessories, Annie Curtis will be your holy grail. This Hoboken fashion stylist shares her favorite bohemian outfits to inspire a growing following. No matter the season, a flowy item with a hat or delicate necklace will be part of her look. 


If you know of any New Jersey fashion bloggers or influencers you’d like to see in this list, leave us a comment!

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Julianna Rolaf October 19, 2020 - 3:40 pm

Hi! My name is Julianna from the Brown Eyed Girls Blog! I absolutely loved this post and finding new fashion bloggers in my area to connect with! I’d love for you guys to check out my fashion blog @TheBrownEyedGirlsBlog and be considered for next month! Thank you so so much!

Lauren July 28, 2021 - 6:05 pm

Loved this post! My name is Lauren and I am also a NJ fashion blogger. I love to connect with others in the community so I will definitely reach out to some of these ladies! Id love to chat about working together in the future!!


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