Where to Propose in New Jersey (and Tips for Making it Memorable!)

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Proposing is a huge moment in your relationship with your partner. It signifies so much more than love. It shows commitment, trust, and passion to explore the world and future together.

That is why there is so much pressure surrounding proposals.

But you can make it a memorable moment right here in New Jersey! There are plenty of places that will match you and your partner as a couple, as well as become a happy place for years to come.

Know Your Partner

Many people think that knowing your partner means knowing what they like to eat, drink, what time they wake up in the morning, or their favorite movie. But knowing your partner is so much more than that, especially when it comes to proposals.

Knowing your partner means to know what they like and do not like in terms of attention. If your partner loves attention, then proposing to them in a public place is a perfect idea.

But if your partner prefers quiet or intimate moments over extravagant attention, then you should propose in a place that reflects that.

Below we have broken down places to propose in New Jersey in 2 categories. The categories are public and intimate. This way you can find the perfect place in New Jersey to propose to your partner that fits their likes and dislikes.

Know Your Ring

Besides knowing what your partner likes and dislikes in terms of attention, you should make sure that you get them a ring that they will like. Getting them a ring that they will like is a sure way to make the moment memorable.

Diamond rings are always classic engagement rings that never go out of style, but some newer styles are also a great route to go. Glamorous aquamarine engagement rings, for example, are a great choice.


The following are a variety of public places in New Jersey where you can propose to a partner who likes attention.

Baseball Game

Proposing to your partner at a baseball game is a great way to include the public as well as create a lasting memory at the stadium. The Somerset Patriots is a great game to watch as well as a great place to propose.

If you are in North Jersey, then perhaps a Jackals game at Montclair State University! If you investigate hard, you might even be able to get your proposal on a big screen.

Amusement Parks

There are also a variety of amusement parks around the state of New Jersey, which are perfect places to propose to a fun-loving person. Take your partner here for a day and propose to them when the time feels right.


Here are some less public options for a proposal in NJ!

Barnegat Lighthouse

Barnegat Light is a mix of both public and intimate, which makes it perfect for a partner for you are not sure if they would rather have a public proposal or a small one. One of the most picturesque places at Barnegat Lighthouse is the top of the lighthouse.

At the top of the lighthouse, you can see across the inlet, over Barnegat Bay, and out into the ocean. The outside observatory deck is a beautiful place to propose to your partner, just do not drop your ring! There will most likely be people at the top of the lighthouse.

However, there are other places around Barnegat Light to have a wonderful proposal. You can walk along the walking path by the water and propose there, or take a walk through the beachside walking trail in the woods, where you can have a more secluded and private proposal.

Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park is a beautiful Park in Newark known for its breathtaking display of cherry blossoms in the spring. It is also a perfect place to propose to your partner in a quiet and intimate setting surrounded by natural beauty.

A proposal in Branch Brook Park under the cherry blossoms is a sure way to make a very memorable proposal.

Private Boat Cruises

Another way to create an intimate and memorable proposal is to book a private boat cruise for you and your partner. Here, you can propose in the privacy of your boat cruise and create a beautiful memory on the water.


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