Easy Solutions If You Are Planning To Start Your Own Wine Collection

by Tom Lavecchia

Some of us enjoy the occasional tipple of wine during an evening with friends and family. Some of us, though, take our interests up a level. We read up on different varieties, regions, tastes, and aromas. The wine-making process can fascinate some people, and also how its flavor develops over time.

When individuals consider starting their own collections, it’s important that they make the necessary research beforehand. If they don’t look after their wine properly the flavors, textures and aromas will suffer. Perhaps you are at this stage right now, and wondering the best way to proceed. We will now walk you through some helpful tips to get you started.

Harness The Internet

By reading specialist websites it’s possible to learn from other peoples’ knowledge and experience. You may be wanting to learn about wine coolers that have child locks or digital temperature displays. Many people are finding wine cooling solutions online, as well as helpful blogs about wine cellars and how to design wine rooms. People are also actively looking for price matches, shipping deals, customer reviews, and testimonials.

Be Driven By Budget

It won’t just be the cost of the wine but the money you’ll require to correctly store it. Resist the urge to buy more than you need or can afford. Instead begin small, and slowly increase your stocks as you learn more – and drink responsibly. Don’t just buy one type of wine. Other family members or guests may have different tastes and you may fancy a change every now and then. Check out the different wines; be they sweet, dry, red, white, rose, sparkling, and so on.

Big names and expensive prices don’t guarantee quality either. Some ‘investment’ wines come with no promise that they’ll taste good. Corks can degrade with time and let the air in. The process of oxidation that ensues can have a negative impact on the taste and aroma. Check for online reviews and awards on any expensive wine that you consider.

Look At Specialist Sellers

One thing to consider when buying wine is the issue of transportation and delivery. Wine needs to be moved minimally, otherwise, the sediment is disturbed. In turn, this can affect the quality of the drink. If you buy from a grocery store you’ll have no control over how the wine has been moved around. If it’s an online specialist company, check that they have got this covered.

Be sure not to be scammed by companies that offer fake wines. Use the internet to discover their reputation and ratings. If a particular wine is being promoted as trending and hugely popular, make sure this is not just marketing hype.

Have A Designated Storage Space

This needs to have a consistent temperature (55 degrees F for many wines) and minimal light. Kitchens get hot and cold depending on the cooking, the time of day, and the weather. Outdoor storage options such as garages and garden sheds are even more vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. Windows can bring in UV light that will damage your stocks, so have these covered up. An underground cellar with no windows is the best option.

If you are really serious about wine and have bought an expensive collection you may even consider having it stored by an external company. Many provide photo updates to demonstrate that your wines are present and in good condition.

Document Everything

Keep the wine invoices and receipts in case there are issues, or if you want to buy more at a later date. Retain any certificates of authenticity too.

You may wish to keep a book, listing your current stock. Alternatively use a computer spreadsheet such as Excel. It’s also possible to use software that’s been specifically designed for this purpose. It can help you keep tabs on what you have, and to identify what you are running out of. Should you be stocking up for an important event, this will help provide you with extra peace of mind.

Steward The Wine

You may end up buying a standalone cooler or having one fitted into your kitchen. Alternatively, there will be a room or cellar devoted to it. All corked wines should be kept on their sides, to preserve the smell and taste. Ideally, it should be left to rest, and only handled when it is about to be served.

When a person goes about their wine storage responsibly, they are set up for success. Their ever-expanding collection will be at optimum quality whenever it is consumed. In return for your faithful stewardship, the wines will delight both your family and friends.

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