Rook Coffee Launches Cold Brew That Tastes Like S’mores

by Luke Garcia
rook coffee cold brew

While sitting by a campfire on a crisp summer night, there’s no better snack than s’mores. A warm, toasted, gooey marshmallow in between melted chocolate and graham crackers. Now in New Jersey’s Rook Coffee shops, customers can experience this classic combination in the form of cold brew.

The limited-edition s’mores-style cold brew by Rook Coffee is infused with chicory and real graham crackers. There’s also real chocolate and toasted marshmallow flavor. It contains no artificial colorings, syrups or added sugar and is also 100 percent vegan. 

This unique addition follows Rook Coffee’s limited release of strawberry mocha and coconut mocha style cold brews. Rook brewers try to find a way to keep their product lines fresh and engaging, with an emphasis on simplicity. “Our production team challenges the expected. They’re always wondering ‘what if.’ What if we could brew something out of this world? What if we could bring S’mores style to life?” said Alex Bahamonde, Rook Coffee’s head of production. 

They wanted to create something that would get people excited about Rook Coffee, especially considering many of their locations are in beach towns and summer is right around the corner. Bahamode added, “We hope this innovative cold brew flavor gets Jersey geared up for an epic summer season.” 

About Rook Coffee

Rook Coffee began in 2010 when childhood friends Holly Migliaccio and Shawn Kingsley left their careers to start a small coffee shop, intended to provide the finest customer experience. From starting out in a 300-square-foot building to opening 11 locations, these entrepreneurs have come a really long way. They’ve grown this business from the ground up by always promising the highest quality coffees, along with pristine customer service. Rook Coffee has shops in various locations across the Central and East coast of New Jersey in towns such as Holmdel, Red Bank, Long Branch and Point Pleasant.

Their coffee has gained so much popularity over the years that they’ve ventured into e-commerce. Some cold brews are available on their website by the 32 oz bottle, along with 10 different options of hot coffee groundsThe limited-time-only S’mores style cold brew is available now at every Rook Coffee location.

Would you try the new s’mores cold brew from Rook Coffee? Let us know how it was in the comments below.

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