Healthy Spine Care For Fall with Advanced Physical Medicine

by Stephanie Vasquez

Healthy Spine Care For Fall with Advanced Physical Medicine 

With Fall in full swing, now is the time for  awareness of everyday life and physical activities. Along with the goals and plans you set, you have to take time for yourself and make health part of your daily routine. It is imperative to maintain a mental and physical well-being. Something one may not think about, and take for granted, is spine care.


Advanced Physical Medicine Center advocates health through healing and relaxation. The warm and friendly environment creates an oasis for its patients. The clinicians on staff are dedicated to your health and cater to your specific needs. Many attend regular seminars and training to remain current and complete in their professional skills. APMC is also multilingual and fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. The staff’s passion for what they do transfers into their services. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, they strive to provide a program of care that is relevant, improves physical function and reduces pain. 

Services include:

Chiropractic care – Pain relief and complete wellness with chiropractic care. Their techniques are effective with proven success.

Physical Therapy – They provide comprehensive, individualized physical therapy that meets all of your needs and concerns.

Pain Management – Minimally invasive pain management procedures for acute and chronic pain management and relief.

Massage Therapy – Their methods of massage therapy speed recovery of injured tissues to work together with other procedures.

Dr. Michael Arber, DC, DAAPM, is a nationally recognized chiropractor and the clinical director. For over two decades, he has devoted himself to the same philosophy as APMC through his distinguished care and compassion for his patients. Dr. Arber shared some important tips about how to stay safe and healthy while being active this season.


3 Tips for a Healthy Spine:


  1. Stretch Daily – Stretching the legs, spine and neck will reduce the chances of injury. Find a quiet time of day, maybe 15 minutes before bed and do some basic stretches. You will sleep better and wake up with more flexibility.


  1. Lift Properly – The best way to minimize the risk of injury is to keep the object as close to your body as possible. Always use your legs for power and remember to keep the same posture when putting down the object as when you lifted it.


  1. Stay Active –  “A body in motion stays in motion.” With lack of exercise comes tight, weak muscles. When we do increase the stress to the muscles, we increase our chances of injury. Decide what physical exercise you enjoy and create a routine. Try all forms of cardiovascular and muscular exercise. It all helps!


Incorporating physical activity on a weekly basis becomes a habit and a lifestyle. Advanced Physical Medicine Center has a knowledgeable staff and multiple services all under one roof!

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