Best Sports Apps for US Fans

by Tom Lavecchia

When it comes to global entertainment, few sectors perform as consistently well as sports in terms of revenue, popularity, and engagement. Around the world, cricket fans to sumo wrestling enthusiasts look to mobile apps to stay updated and engaged with their favorite teams and leagues.

A 2017 study by Google and Ipsos MORI revealed that 67 percent of smartphone users use a sports app, and usually interact with that app two or three times per day for a total of 50 minutes. These apps range from news curators to DFS platforms to entertainment. And, though new to many states, fans are now picking out a top-of-the-line sportsbook mobile app to add to their repertoire.

In states like New Jersey, sports betting has been live since 2018, which means established brands have had ample time to develop their mobile offerings. Most sports enthusiasts already have their NJ-focused operations (view 23 total here) already picked out, though the competition is fierce for developers looking to create the best app for sports fans in the US.

It’s not just about curating news stories or offering live updates—it’s also about which group can make money lines and point spreads look clean and intelligible on a mobile platform. Though the jury’s still out on top sportsbook mobile apps given the industry’s state-by-state regulations, the best sports apps for US fans have already risen to the top of the app store.

Best in News Curation


When it comes to staying updated on all things sports-related, no app offers the diversity of theScore. The app has a 4.8-star score in the Apple app store—which comes as no surprise given the platform’s clean design and personalization features.

Users can fill out a short survey that helps theScore curate a news feed that includes live updates, data breakdown and analysis, breaking news, social media content, and videos. Even better, the app has a ‘discover’ section, which allows sports fans to jump into a new and exciting league as suggested by the app’s algorithm.

Recently, theScore also kickstarted a bet section, though it’s unclear how successful the group’s jump to punting has been.

Best in Fantasy League Offerings

CBS Fantasy Sports

When it comes to finding the best fantasy sports app, the offerings can be difficult to sift through. Typically, apps focus on one sport or, in some cases, focus on DFS (which resembles betting more than it does fantasy league).

With new fantasy league providers popping up all the time, CBS Fantasy Sports shoots to the top of the list because of its reliability and simplicity. In other words, a first-timer could download the app and get started drafting a fantasy team without missing a beat.

Though other top apps like Draft Punks surpass CBS Fantasy Sports in ratings, they focus solely on American football. CBS Fantasy Sports provides a clean interface for sports fans to try their hand at a wide range of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and certain college sports.

Best in Sports Entertainment

Bleacher Report

Few sports publications have the reputation for delivering breaking news and entertainment value like Bleacher Report. Not only does their app provide a clean and curated news list that rivals theScore, but Bleacher Report also delivers on some of the industry’s most interesting stories.

In some cases, Bleacher Report is spearheading into the sports world itself, like with their Dynamite Awards partnership with AEW and TNT. In other words, Bleacher Report isn’t just reporting on the latest NHL draft or which MLB mascots would win in a battle royale showdown. Instead, the sports publication creates its own sports initiatives like the partnership mentioned above.

Bleacher Report’s mobile app is the perfect synthesis of sports journalism and interesting editorials that come from employees who are also diehard fans themselves.

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