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Have you heard about the pickleball craze in New Jersey? The sport has been blowing up in popularity lately, just like it has all over the US. Over the past years, our state has seen a major increase in people playing the sport. If you’re interested in joining the pickleball frenzy, see here for a comprehensive list of pickleball courts in New Jersey.

Pickleball is a hybrid sport that combines elements of ping pong, badminton, and tennis. The game is played on a court that is approximately one-third the size of a tennis court. It can be played by two individuals in a singles match or by four players in a doubles match.

One of the major reasons why pickleball has grown so quickly is because it is easy for beginners to learn compared to other sports. Specifically, it is slower-paced compared to other racquet and net games.

Even if you’re not super athletic, you can still have a good time playing this sport. In fact, anyone can join in, regardless of skill level. It provides an excellent low-impact activity that is both fun and challenging at the same time.

People who play pickleball often say that the game helps them stay active and feel connected to their community while doing something they enjoy. For older people, it also offers a healthy alternative to other more physically demanding sports, such as tennis.


The number of pickleball players has significantly increased in the past year. According to the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP), the number of players rose from 5 million in 2021 to 36.5 million in August 2022, representing a 630% increase. This rapid growth highlights the growing popularity of this sport and its increasing popularity in the US.

The APP has also recently released data indicating that 14% of the American population participated in pickleball at least once during the said period. Moreover, the report highlights that over 8.5 million individuals regularly engaged in the sport, playing eight or more times, further solidifying its status as a popular recreational activity.

As a result, pickleball facilities are springing up like mushrooms in almost every community to cater to the growing number of players. According to data from Pickleheads, a provider of pickleball court information, there are currently 10,320 pickleball courts available nationwide.

Why pickleball is growing in New Jersey

The pickleball fever is spreading like wildfire, with courts popping up across the US, and New Jersey is no exception. With our diverse population and an abundance of recreational facilities, it’s easy to see why pickleball is booming here.

According to Pickleheads, New Jersey has a total of 201 courts in operation. These include courts located in parks, fitness and recreation centers, and other public venues. Nationwide, New Jersey ranks 22nd in terms of the number of locations for pickleball.


The top three locations for pickleball in New Jersey are Morristown, with six facilities, followed by Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor, with four facilities each.

Where to play pickleball in New Jersey

If you’re looking for places to play pickleball in New Jersey, you have different options depending on where you live.

Each location offers different amenities, such as lighting, picnic tables, restrooms, and drinking fountains. Some even offer food service, equipment rentals, and locker rooms. Tournaments, lessons and other special events are also hosted at some of these courts, so make sure to check their calendars before you schedule a visit.

Here are some of the top courts in New Jersey where more and more players are showing up to play pickleball:

Popular public courts

  1. Overpeck Park-Ridgefield Park, Leonia, NJ – This is an outdoor facility with six hard courts. They’re completely free to use. And if you need some lights for an evening game, the facility has got you covered.
  2. Manhasset Creek Park, Long Branch, NJ – This is a public pickleball spot with eight outdoor courts ready for action. The courts have permanent lines, but they don’t provide the nets, so make sure to bring your own.

Popular private courts

  1. Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club, Ewing Township, NJ – This is the largest indoor pickleball facility in the Northeast with nine fenced and cushioned courts. The club emphasizes combining fitness with socializing. Court rates are $36 for non-peak hours and $44 for peak hours.
  2. Flemington Pickleball Club, Flemington, NJ – This is a recently opened facility dedicated solely to pickleball. It has five indoor courts that are temperature-controlled and a large lounge area for members. The cost per hour to play on the courts is $40.

New court openings planned

  1. Galloway Municipal Complex, Galloway, NJ – Ten new courts are currently being installed at this complex. The courts are set to be completed and ready for play by spring 2023.
  2. S Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ – Pickle Juice LLC and MLG Realty are teaming up to open an indoor pickleball facility in Blackwood. It is expected to open this summer, along with another facility in Ventnor Heights. The properties are designed to create a unique atmosphere, with fresh juices and smoothies on hand for players and guests.

Courts with a restaurant

  1. Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club, Ridgewood, NJ – This Ridgewood pickleball facility features a restaurant called Court 16, offering a range of tasty and healthy snacks and a light-fare menu. Players can refuel and relax with delicious food options after a match.

Now that you know how to find a place to play pickleball in New Jersey, get out there and start playing! If you want to hone your skills, consider signing up for pickleball clinics and classes offered at several clubs across the state. Have fun!

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