The Best Poker Movie on Netflix That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

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Poker comes under one of the most played card games, a casino game. Many people play this game around the world daily, whether it’s online, in the casino, or around the kitchen table. Poker requires skills due to which people love playing this game, the skills of reading people help most players be successful.

The lovers of this game always look for content related to poker as it has become the glamorized game in the entertainment industry. There are several movies made around a game of poker that is unimaginable. People interested in poker games like to watch a film related to this game.

One of the most prominent streaming platforms globally is Netflix, the home to top poker movies. It will lift you on the exploration of poker players to film that depicts the stories about how poker ruin’s one’s life.

Are you looking for the best Poker films on Netflix?

1-     Casino Royale

If you are a lover of James Bond, this movie is best for you! The film was released in 2006 and became a famous movie. In this movie, the prime mission of James Bond is to bankrupt terrorist financier Le Chiffre in the high-stakes poker game where Bond reads players for both the game by the task of carrying you on the edge of your seat.

The film shows the glamour or thrill of playing poker in upscale casinos.

2-     Molly’s Game

The movie is based on the honest story of Molly Bloom, a skier who got injured on her qualification run in the Olympics. After that, she went to Los Angeles, where she performed as a real estate developer in the assistant position. Her boss then makes her involved in the event of organizing poker games or featuring top celebrities. The games grow more significant to the extent that Molly is running her own business by making a profit from running all these games.

The drama was full of actions or twists, and it turned to the point where Molly was arrested at midnight. Becoming curious about why she is so detained, watch out to find it out!

3-     Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is the best movie where Andy Garcia and George Clooney hook up the casino look. This movie shows the vast heist of the gang that robs the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. The film features all about the casino, boxing match, or poker, full of twists or turns that will engage you in entertainment.

4–     21

While this movie is not based on poker, it excites or entertains the poker players. It is a biographical drama that follows the legendary blackjack players from MIT, with superior math skills who play the role of counting cards to take the casinos for millions.

Blackjack is considered the other important casino game where the players try to get as close as 21 but not over 21. Counting cards was a tactic where players assigned value to all cards or counted their lives to predict the following cards. But they found this method no more useful because most casinos use automatic shufflers with multiple decks of cards.

This movie shows how college students use their practice or method to make millions, and it is based on a true story.

5-     Croupier

This film was released in 1998 and included the story of an aspiring writer. An aspiring writer takes a job as a croupier in the casino to earn income.

This movie is all about his journey in the casino, meeting croupiers who used to steal from the casino and gamblers who get him involved with themselves in robbing a casino.

The movie becomes worse when his dealing gets his girlfriend killed. He wrote his story and published a book based on his experiences at the casino. This movie will keep you crazy if you are a poker lover. Try it and feel the rush of playing on a live poker table!

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