Disney World: The Latest on Florida Passing a Controversial Law

by Tom Lavecchia

It’s no doubt that Disney World has been a popular destination for New Jerseyans since its inception. However, on February 7th, 2023, the state of Florida passed a controversial law granting it significant power over Disney World, one of the world’s most famous and profitable theme parks. The new law is already causing concern among those who love Disney World and those who depend on the tourism industry in Florida.

Under the new law, Florida will have increased control over Disney World’s operations, including safety standards, employee wages, and the park’s general management. The law will also give Florida the ability to audit Disney World’s financial records and to levy fines or other penalties for noncompliance.

Proponents argue that it is necessary to protect the safety and financial interests of both Disney World’s visitors and employees. They point out that Disney World’s operations have a significant impact on Florida’s economy and that the state, therefore, has a responsibility to ensure that the park is operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

However, critics argue that the law represents an unwarranted infringement on the autonomy of Disney World and an overreach of state power. They point out that Disney World already operates under a significant number of regulations and safety standards and that the new law is likely to increase the park’s operating costs and potentially drive away visitors.

The passing of this law is also causing concern among Disney World employees, many of whom fear that the increased state oversight will lead to job losses or reduced wages. Some have expressed concern that the state may be more focused on its own financial interests than on the well-being of park employees, and that the law could ultimately hurt those it is intended to protect.

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The passage of this law also raises important questions about the relationship between corporations and the state. While it is true that Disney World is a significant employer and tourist attraction, some argue that granting the state this much power over a private enterprise sets a dangerous precedent. If the state can regulate Disney World to this extent, what is to stop it from doing the same to other private companies?

Additionally, some are concerned that the new law may be a response to recent controversies surrounding Disney World, such as allegations of unsafe working conditions and concerns about the park’s treatment of employees. While it is true that Disney World has faced criticism in these areas, many argue that the solution is not increased state oversight, but rather increased transparency and accountability on the part of the company itself.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the new law, there is no denying that it represents a significant shift in the relationship between Disney World and the state of Florida. It remains to be seen how the law will be implemented and what its impact will be on the park’s operations and on the larger tourism industry in Florida. However, one thing is certain: the passage of this law is a reminder of the complex relationship between the state and private enterprise, and the ongoing debate over the proper balance of power between the two.


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