Jersey City Named One of the Best Cities for Newlyweds

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Best cities for newlyweds

Wedding season is in full swing and following the ceremony, many newlywed couples search for the perfect place to begin their married lives together. A study conducted by StorageCafe looked at data from each of the country’s largest cities to narrow down the best cities for newlyweds to call home. The study takes into account an array of metrics a city might possess that supports married life, including housing availability, cost of living, economic landscape, social crowd and the surrounding community. 

Amongst cities with a population exceeding 200K, Jersey City, NJ, remains one of the best places to say “I do” in the US.

Jersey City brings a lot to the table when it comes to quality of life—a crucial factor in choosing your new home. The bustling city, which is constantly progressing, is driven by millennials, making up 40 percent of the population. This makes the city appealing for newlywed couples as your neighbors and community are likely to be filled with like-minded and youthful couples. Among those millennials is an average earning of $113K a year, with many job opportunities and areas for financial growth available. 

Plenty of housing is available in Jersey City, offering 0.46 homes per resident. Amongst these homes are luxury apartments, brownstones and other residential buildings beautifully threaded into the fabric of the city. Not to mention that JC has plenty to offer in terms of restaurants, bars and more, with something to do in walking distance from virtually any part of the city.

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All of this adds up to what is a staggeringly high 44% of residents enjoying marriage and a remarkably low 10% of those marriages ending in divorce. The numbers don’t lie, Jersey City is a place for people to start off marriage on the right foot. The full study and other sought-after cities for newlyweds can be found here.   

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