New Jersey Boardwalks To Get $100 Million Facelift

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nj boardwalk $100 million

A significant milestone has been reached for the Jersey Shore’s iconic boardwalks as New Jersey announces the allocation of $100 million in repair and reconstruction funds to 18 coastal towns. These funds, drawn from federal COVID-19 recovery resources under the American Rescue Act, mark a concerted effort to support the upkeep and expansion of these cherished wooden walkways.

Governor Phil Murphy emphasized the cultural and economic significance of these boardwalks, citing them as beloved destinations for families and friends to create lasting memories. He expressed the state’s commitment to preserving these “wooden main streets” that have long served as vital arteries for seaside communities.


Among the recipients of this funding are Atlantic City and Asbury Park, home to two of the most renowned boardwalks in the state. Atlantic City’s Boardwalk, historically credited as the nation’s first, holds a special place in the state’s history, dating back to its establishment in 1870 to address the issue of sand being tracked into seaside hotels. Asbury Park, synonymous with the legendary Bruce Springsteen, reflects a rich musical heritage intertwined with its iconic boardwalk.

Beyond these well-known locales, other towns along the Jersey Shore are also set to benefit from this initiative. Ocean City, for instance, will receive approximately $5 million to enhance its boardwalk infrastructure, with plans to bolster storm resilience and accessibility, along with addressing necessary repairs.

Ocean City, NJ

Jacquelyn Suarez, acting commissioner of the state Division of Community Affairs, highlighted the financial strain that maintaining these boardwalks imposes on local governments. She stressed the importance of this funding in ensuring the continued viability and appeal of these coastal communities.

The allocation of funds extends to a diverse range of towns, including North Wildwood, Wildwood, Ventnor, Cape May, Seaside Heights, and others, each slated to receive varying amounts for their respective boardwalk projects. Additionally, there’s provision for potential grants to businesses seeking to align with the revitalized boardwalk areas, fostering further economic growth and development.

Midway Steak House Seaside Heights, Nj.

As Jane Lare from Somers Point aptly puts it, the boardwalks offer a tranquil retreat, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the serenity of the ocean while enjoying the simple pleasure of strolling by the water’s edge. With these funds, New Jersey aims to not only preserve but also enhance the allure of its beloved Jersey Shore boardwalks for generations to come.

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GaryJG March 5, 2024 - 12:38 pm

I am somewhat surprised that monies are going to AC. I thought the casinos where to revititlize that area.

john March 6, 2024 - 8:54 am

why don’t the towns or developers who reap billions pay for the repairs? tows schaefer beach and parking fees which are supposed to cover related expenses. developers are getting subsidized when they add more condos to the beachfront.


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