Governor Murphy Launches New Site, Resources On Reproductive Healthcare in NJ

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reproductive rights in NJ

On Tuesday morning, Governor Phil Murphy took a step forward in establishing NJ as a safe-haven for reproductive healthcare in the US. Last year, Murphy codified Roe V. Wade into law following the Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn the case. Following the decision, several Republican-led states removed resources surrounding abortion and reproductive healthcare, or banned the procedure altogether.

Murphy signed into law a bill requiring an online resource for reproductive rights in NJ—a website outlining the intricacies of reproductive healthcare in New Jersey launched along with the bill. 

The bill comes two weeks before Election Day. Everything you need to know about 2023 NJ Election Day can be found here

Reproductive Rights in NJ

The brand new website provides details about both state and federal reproductive abortion rights and the insurance requirements for reproductive healthcare. It also offers a directory of healthcare providers, healthcare service locations, and guidance on how to file a complaint if you experience harassment or intimidation while seeking an abortion. 

At the signing of the bill in Glen Rock, NJ, Murphy stated: “At a moment when far-right extremists across the country are waging a war on reproductive freedoms, it has never been more important for our citizens to be armed with the facts and resources they need to make informed decisions about their health.”

Murphy announced that $5 million would be set aside for security enhancements at reproductive health care facilities and an additional $5 million in the state budget he signed back in June to support the recruitment and training of more reproductive health care professionals.


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The issue of abortion access is not controversial in New Jersey, with only 29% of residents considering themselves pro-life and even less who want the law overturned outright. 

Murphy called out Republicans legislators, specifically State Senator Tony Bucco, for wanting to remove access to abortion despite the popularity of pro-choice laws in NJ: “The leader in the Senate of the Republican Party has said if they were to get the car keys in Trenton, they would restrict funding and they would restrict abortion access,” he said, “That is their stated position. We are not making this up,” he continued.

As of now, abortion is safe and legal in New Jersey and looks to be staying that way. Murphy’s latest move highlights that effort and provides residents with accurate information and resources on reproductive rights in NJ. 

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