Summer 2024 Could Be One of the Hottest in History, Experts Say

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The Farmer’s Almanac for April points to a scorching 2024 summer ahead in New Jersey, with low humidity anticipated. It’s poised to potentially rank among the hottest summers on record. Despite a recent brief cooling period, late May is expected to usher in much higher temperatures than usual. As usual, the Garden State weather simply can’t seem to make up its mind in Spring (but hey, we’ve seen it before).

Except for North Dakota, all U.S. states are forecasted to experience a hotter summer than usual, per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The weakening El Niño is shifting towards La Niña, often associated with hot and arid summers. La Niña brings cooler-than-average temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean, leading to reduced evaporation, weaker storms, and lower atmospheric moisture, according to Administration.

Seaside Heights

Additionally, high atmospheric pressure from Southeastern Canada is set to limit rain systems reaching New Jersey, resulting in decreased humidity. Consequently, days with temperatures in the upper 80s will likely outnumber those in the lower 80s across the state.

What Is the Impact on New Jersey?

Regarding La Niña’s impact on New Jersey, it shares similarities with El Niño in being triggered by oceanic temperature patterns. La Niña occurs when eastern Pacific Ocean temperatures drop below average, causing reduced evaporation, weaker storms, and decreased atmospheric moisture, according to NOAA.

Summer Blues

The National Weather Service office in Mount Holly suggests that a summer with consistently above-average temperatures tends to extend the season, potentially leading to a warmer transition from spring to fall for residents. Will these predictions come true? With recently cooler temperatures, we’ll just have to see. One thing is for certain, it will be hot.

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