Avoid the Aisles, Grocery Shop From Home

by Nicole Belanger

Sitting on the couch while watching TV and simultaneously surfing the web is one situation that we all know a little too well. We spend hours on our computers and iPads searching for answers to our latest self diagnosed illness, the recent break up of our favorite celebrities, and the score to our favorite sports game. If most people prefer delivery from their their local chinese restaurant and their beloved clothing store, then why does everyone still shop the aisles of their local supermarket when we could be shopping for groceries via web pages.

For those who haven’t heard by now, online grocery shopping is a real thing, and yes, it’s more convenient than running into the grocery store after your long day of work. If you’re anything like me, you spend hours on the Internet doing absolutely nothing and ordering items that you don’t need. Once you’ve searched every website possible, you realize that your stomach isn’t going to feed itself and your empty fridge definitely won’t. So instead of making multiple trips up and down apartment stairs, why not order groceries for delivery to your door from the most comfortable spot in your home. Here are  a few options that you might want to consider.

Amazon Grocery:

If you enjoy shopping in bulk for more food at a cheaper price (who doesn’t?), Amazon Grocery offers subscription delivery on a regular, monthly, bi monthly, or every few months basis. Subscribing will give you a discount, free shipping, and automatic deliveries. Plus, there’s never any commitment, obligations, or fees.  We order everything else from Amazon so why not trust them with our groceries?

Door to Door Organics:

Reside in the Tri-State area and prefer organic food? Door to Door Organics offers free shipping, fresh produce boxes, and Good Food Groceries. You can also find recipes on their website and purchase all of the listed ingredients to ensure that you don’t forget something.

The Others:

If organic food is not your cup of tea and you don’t order food in bulk, you can order food for quick delivery from websites such as My Gofer, Peapod, and Instacart. Depending on what time you submit the orders, your groceries should arrive within the same day for an easy, affordable way to stock your kitchen.


For the locals around Hoboken and Jersey City who enjoy happy hour in their own home, Corked Wine and Spirits located in Hoboken delivers wine and spirits to your door. Although you are not able to add items to your cart on their website, you can call for delivery or store pick up if you’re nearby or in a rush. Similarly, Buy- Rite delivers wine and liquor free of charge on local orders over $60. You can also order online for delivery or store pick up.

While online shopping may not be for everyone, if you’re the type of person to walk every aisle and impulsively buy cookie dough, Pop Chips and Red Bull, then avoiding the actual store may be your best bet for your wallet and even your health.  At home, you also possess the ability to search the Internet for the best deals without carrying all of your coupons to the market. IBIS World reports that the online grocery shopping industry is expected to increase by 9.5% annually and grow to a $9.4 billion industry in 2017.  If the trend isnt going away anytime soon, might as well get with the times and give it a try, right? Save your gas and grocery shop online.

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