Where To Go Axe Throwing in NJ

by Mary Sparago
axe throwing in NJ

There are plenty of ways to release stress. Physical activity, meditation, or even simple conversations are excellent ways to unwind and reconnect. Yet, for many, those daily routines lack the thrill and elation that’s central to releasing stubborn tension. Luckily, New Jersey’s residents now have access to a refreshing, exhilarating exercise that simultaneously calms and excites—axe throwing. While the sport arose in Canada, it quickly gained popularity throughout the U.S., allowing groups of friends or competitive individuals to hack away at inhibitions. To experience the hatchets and hype yourself, here’s where to go axe throwing in NJ. 

Stumpy’s Hatchet House – Fairfield, Saddle River, Eatontown and Green Brook, NJ

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be difficult. Understanding this, Stumpy’s Hatchet House provides all the means––including the hatchet––to help guests cut loose. Home to the first indoor hatchet throwing venue in the country, Stumpy’s captures the heart of rustic entertainment. The company began in the owners’ backyard, eventually growing into a multi-location franchise that’s attracted customers throughout the country. Designed for people of all ages, Stumpy’s primary goal remains to bring groups together through a thrilling, unique activity. 

To try their hatchet house yourself, book a reservation for up to two hours. Some locations are BYOB, while others serve drinks at the venue. The venues offer food and training coaches, giving guests everything they need to learn the rules, compete, and play. 

axe throwing in NJ

Stumpy’s Hatchet House in New Jersey l Photo by @stumpyshhhb

Chopper’s Hatchet House – Cherry Hill, NJ

Like any sport, axe throwing can quickly exert you. While the feeling of watching your hatchet collide with the bullseye is addicting, you may find yourself needing a break. At Chopper’s Hatchet House, there are plenty of amenities to unwind in between your sessions. As you step away from the arena, recline in the plush couches, compete in the various video games, or play a quick game of pool to reset. The combination of featured entertainment areas combines woodsy and modern for a unique experience. 

This site allows reservations for groups of up to 24 people. If you’re feeling especially competitive, Chopper’s also offers participation in the International Axe Throwing Federation and the World Axe Throwing League. There, players can compete in sanctioned league matches to test their skills. The venue is BYO, so be sure to grab any drinks or snacks beforehand. 

axe throwing in NJ

Axe throwing in NJ l Photo by @choppershh

Bury the Hatchet – Multiple NJ Locations

New environments are always best enjoyed with friends. Whether it’s a small group, corporate event, or bachelorette party, Bury the Hatchet is excited to host. And if you’re unable to visit their locations, guests can also book their mobile unit, arriving with everything from hatchets to instructors. Bury the Hatchet offers more than 10 locations throughout the U.S., each including multiple lanes in an urban setting. 

While some locations are BYO food and drink, others offer beer, wine, and food. Experience the rich history and thrill of axe throwing at any of the seven New Jersey locations. 

Axe throwing in NJ

Bury the Hatchet in New Jersey l Photo by @burythehatchetmain

Primitive Axe – Glassboro, NJ

Adrenalin, competition, and beer. At Primitive Axe in Glassboro, these three things combine to create an enticing contemporary-meets-rustic destination. With 10,000 square feet of uniquely designed rooms (and plenty of targets) this hatchet house escalates the sport’s experience. Outside food and drinks are welcome here, as are groups of up to 45 people for a maximum of four hours. Primitive Axe offers a private event space, as well as more than 10 HDTVs, to bring the space to life. 

If the axe throwing alone isn’t enough to boost your adrenaline, try one the Primitive Axem Rage Room. A smash room at its finest, this activity allows customers to pick their destructive device, choose their music, and break things in a safe and confined setting. The location offers unique packages, including the “Office Space Remastered” and “Help Me, I Punched A Car Today” packages. 

Primitive Axe in Glassboro, NJ l Photo by @primitive_axe

The Hack Shack – Paramus, NJ

From the creators of NJ’s Brighton Asylum––a legendary haunted attraction––comes The Hack Shack. This venue includes three axe throwing lanes, custom games, and hatchet masters to create memorable experiences for guests. Located towards the back of the infamous asylum, this attraction brings a new, eerie atmosphere to the Canadian sport. 

The Hack Shack hosts everything from team-building events to date nights, providing every group with a highly-trained axe master. The venue encourages guests to bring snacks, offering reservations for private lanes. Add some chill to the thrill of axe throwing by appreciating the ambience and atmosphere of The Hack Shack. 

Have you gone axe throwing in NJ? Tell us about your experiences below!

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